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There is more to the guns in MW3 than first thought....

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 15 November 2011

So, my Elite is finally working. Pretty much. Some of the info is in German....but otherwise, I have access to MOST of what elite will provide.

Since playing last night and experiencing (many) occasions where the enemy seems to drop us when we couldn't drop them, I ventured into the IMPROVE section to get the skinny on the guns.

To my surprise, there is a LOT of information about the weapons, perks, tactical items, etc. Basically, everything MW3 said you'd get with Elite, but it was nice to find it all. Mostly.

There are videos for MOST of the guns. With details about their firing rates, penetration and kill potential (rated for both close and far targets) These videos gave me some insight into some of the guns and why they were more or less effective in certain types of combat. MUCH better info than the little graphs you see next to each gun in the game. They also suggest which mods made each guns more efficient.

I won't ruin your ELITE experience and repost all of the videos or a pile of screen caps...but here is a sample of some of the "HITS" needed to drop an enemy for a handful of the guns...



As you can see, at close range, it's hard to beat the Type 95...even though it's a burst gun. In a show down with the UMP45, which I was running last night against that #@$@# with the Type 95....I have to get an extra shot in at all distances and zones, except the head. This makes it pretty darn hard to win a faceoff, even on completely level ground. (which is also an issue)

Also, I found it quite interesting that all the sniper rifles are listed as 1 hit kills. Head or torso. So long as you're not using a silencer. Last night, I hit several opponents with sniper rifles and got the little X but they didn't die....

There is actually a lot of really cool info and tips. Hopefully once the ELITE system is 100%, you can all join in and maybe, just maybe we can coordinate a little better.

I know, crazy thought eh.

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So adding to this thread about guns and how they SHOULD work....I've been watching a ton of youtube gameplay vids today. There is definitely something different with some of these players compared to my/our experience.

Exhibit A:

So, there is some noise on youtube that the Type95 with rapidfire and suppressor...couples with THE class to run.

According to the info on the listed need only 2 strikes, head or body, to down someone in close range. Unless you run which case it's 3. For distance need 4 and 5, or 5 and 6 with a suppressor.

Now watch this guy running around with the Type95 with rapid fire and suppressor and check out all the kills he racks up...which seemingly single shots.

Unless the rapidfire mod shoots SO fast that 5 shots sound like a single round, their own information is being busted by this clip.

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His gun fires two shots with each trigger press. They are quite close together.

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Entered the name.

It's available!

Click OK.

Nothing happens.

Yep, sounds like our clan all right.

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hahaha, awesome!

The Connect part is the only section I can't get into.....

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