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Prestige....level 1

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 November 2011

So, here's what I learned by Prestige-ing in MW3.


First, same as previous games, you lose everything except your current title and emblem, and custom games (If you've made any) You also keep all your "accolades" but all the challenges, etc are also reset.

In the Prestige shop...where you can use Prestige Tags to unlock extra stuff...the first option is to have an extra Custom Class that carries through future Prestiges. I thought this would give me a whole class of stuff.

It doesn't.

You can add an extra custom class...but once you choose it...which doesn't actually cost a Prestige have to select the item you want to carry through. AR, SMG, etc.

It costs one Prestige Tag for EACH item you want to carry through! @#$^%@$#^@%$^@

Here's the worst part, not all the weapons are even available. Only a subset of weapons, perks and such can be "bought" I didn't write them down...but most of all the ARs are there, but my UMP45 was not :(

As for Perks, only 3 perks in each perk category are available. Again, sorry I didn't write them down...however, once you Prestige, you can go in and review what's available without using your tags anyway.

So every time you Prestige and get a tag, you can go in an add another item to you "carry over" custom class. I bought my Type 95 and Claymores.

Unfortunately, I can't select these until I unlock Custom Classes at Level 4. Still better than waiting until level 32!

Elite is still broken. I can't join Coxxorz,send me another invite please, hopefully when I come back from vaca, all will be fixed and functioning.

PS....yes, I did use one of my Prestige Tags to activate double XP points so I could Prestige before I went on vacation. Yes, I'm a loser.

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So apparently, you do keep all your unlocked emblems and just can't change them until you've reach level 4(?)

There is also a new Challenges section called Prestige. They are mostly one level type challenges. Drop a crate on an enemy, etc. It's unlocked as soon as you unlock challenges (Lv6 I believe)

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I was finally able to get into the "Connect" area of the "Elite" portion of the Call of Doody site, and was thus able to resend your clan invite. The other three noobs were still listed as "pending", so they're clearly not looking in the right place.

In other news, the broken graphic symbol next to my name on the "Connect" page finally loaded in today... and it was this little guy:

He's my Black Ops custom gamer picture! Not sure what he's doing on the Modern Warfare page, but it's kinda cool to have an official png copy of him. Ten points if you can identify where he's from.

It actually makes me hopeful that we'll be able to create a custom clan emblem with all the graphic options like Black Ops, not the lame, limited pre-configured graphics like Halo.

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