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Just when you think EBgames can't sink any lower

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 November 2011

They do...

You would think news with the title EB Games/GameStop Gets Rid of Used Games Section would be good news...

But no.

    ...all games will be lumped into the one section, and all games will be stickered with the same white price tags (pre-owned games previously had their own distinctive yellow stickers in Canada, something I understand US stores did away with a while back).

I have been into a local EBgames and they have already made this change.

Now why would they make this change?

I cann't think of any reason that does not fit under shady business practices. Essentially they hope to trick confuse their less savvy buyers into buying used games before new games. Obviously EBgames makes more money on selling used games but the online pass has greatly confused the issue.

This is the first inkling I have received that the game publishers' plan to include online codes in new games is working. Project ten dollar as one publisher has named it.

So I can see putting the two types of games together, I can even see removing the used games signs. That's just deceitful. But using the same colour price tag on both types of games and stacking the used games on top? That's borderline dishonest. Particularly when new games sometimes cost less than used games. It does happen and EBgames is a little slow in correcting the used game prices accordingly. For no particular reason I am sure.

I guess EBgames knows that a large portion of their consumers aren't video game knowledgeable and they want to take advantage of them. Well kudos to them, as far as I can tell they have succeeded.

Your thoughts? As if I could get you to keep them to yourself.

Coxxorz's picture

And a LOT of it is clueless parents. If they see two same games on the shelf and one is $10 cheaper, guess which one they will buy? Especially if the kid is with them. Hell, just yesterday I saw a clueless mom in the Wal Mart electronics department with her 9-10 year old son, buying GTA4.

GTA4, for fuck's sake!

MauriceRevek's picture

The abcense of a machine applied shirnk wrap to the game should be a dead giveaway that you are getting a used copy I would think.

Coxxorz's picture

Some stores DO re-shrinkwrap used games. Not sure if EB has ever done this.

Blackwalt's picture

EBgames, as a service, opens your new game for you and puts the empty box on the shelf.

They then put the contents of the box into a ziplock bag and if/when you buy it replace everything into the new box, that everyone has already handled, before you leave.

They don't even shrink wrap it for you, they just reseal it with a circular piece of clear tape.

Admittedly not with every game, but with enough that you notice. Particularly when they only have a few copies left and want to keep boxes on the shelf.

Another EBgames specialty, opening your new games for you.

PS- This happened with two games I bought this weekend including a special edition with all the bonus contents.

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