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Same old, same old

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 21 December 2011

So, it's not just happening to me ;)

Apparently, this issue I've having with putting a full clip into people and them not dying has been documented by several other people on YouTube

here's one vid:

There are a couple tip videos to overcome said lag.

1. Disable Theatre mode. Several people suggest this, but your games won't be recorded. Not an issue for me as I have my own recording..and the theatre recording is crap anyway.

2. In your QoS settings on your router...set the priority for the port you're plugged into to "low". This apparently, will make it shittier for other players, but you're throughput will improve. Perhaps this is what those idiots with a single orange ping bar are doing to get scores of 18 n 3!!

Also, don't be impressed with all the dudes with MASSIVE ranks. Cause youTube is FULL of vids of wholes who have found loopholes and glitches to exploit things like permanent double XP, unlimited prestige tokens, instant max Prestige rank (which is 10 apparently), etc.

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Same old.

I've heard of disabling Theatre mode, but then there goes your evidence. I've also heard of disabling QoS entirely to improve the connection, but what you're saying should make things worse for you, unless you happen to be the host.

But as far as that video goes, didn't that guy put on a vest at the last minute?

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