You are hereLast Day!! Free Game!!! Last Evening (Sunday Jan. 27th)!!!!

Last Day!! Free Game!!! Last Evening (Sunday Jan. 27th)!!!!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 27 January 2008

Download Xbox LIVE Arcade Game Undertow NOW!

Dark Nightowl phoned me at home to remind me!!

Undertow is the free game offered as an apology from Microsoft for the bad Live experience over Christmas.

I don't care if you want it or not, IT'S FREE!!!!


IT'S A FREE GAME!!!! Go get it!

You have to select it manually from the entire list of Xbox LIVE Arcade games (Hint: scroll backwards{up} as Undertow is at the end alphabetically). Microsoft doesn't want to make it easy as giving away free stuff goes against their corporate policy. The Xbox Live Arcade game list is inside the Xbox Live Dashboard, inside the Marketplace blade, inside Game store, inside Xbox LIVE Arcade. Once Undertow is selected the full game price is shown as free. If it doesn't say free you were too late. So sad.

More details at Joystiq.

Don't come complaining to me if you miss it!!!!

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There was a link right at the top right on the games download page.

For those of us who are not blind.

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Seems to work.

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It's craptacular!

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  1. it's free!
  2. it's an Xbox LIVE Arcade game
  3. it's rated 82% at, so you're just a complainer
  4. it's fracking FREE!
  5. seriously, what is your problem?
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It sucks?

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