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Need to stock up on rations....

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 21 February 2012

See you guys back in MW3 land in about 3 months....

I've NEVER wanted a game as much as ME3!

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We need a forth so that we have a complete squad when we take on the reapers! A-Troll, you in?

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We can try some 4 man tonight or tomorrow.

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Must... not... comment.

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with 4-"man" co-op? Unless it is a code word for something else and not referring to online game. If that's the case, then I'm glad I've not been to one of the HoC LAN party yet! Or this term is reserved for Revek only?

I haven't download ME3 demo. I tried ME and ME2, but didn't finish them. So I don't think I will get ME3.

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No it is not a code word. It is not even reserved for me. It's more the choice of words that were used, and the child like thinking of most clan members. They probably would react the same way if you were to say doodie or something like that.

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Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I just hope you choose your words more carefully when talking to Prime Ministers, etc.

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Hi. My name is Stormblade. ....

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