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Xbox Live Vision Camera and Burnout Paradise

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 January 2008

Burnout Paradise makes me rethink my position on the Xbox 360 Camera.

I haven't really thought much of the Xbox Live Vision other than borrowing one to setup my Angelina Jolie avatar for Rainbow Six Vegas.

My only experience with Burnout Paradise's use of the Vision camera was this comment from Tim Buckley at Ctrl-Alt-Del:

    "I plugged in my vision camera to take a picture for my Paradise City License, which was cool. Then I realize that if you leave it plugged in, it tries to take a new picture every time your license is updated (which is a lot), so I yanked that sucker."

So I decided, yet again, that I didn't need one.


Bowing to peer pressure Stormblade finally bought Burnout Paradise and we met online last night. My first takedown of Stormblade ended up with this newspaper page (graphic on right) splashed across my screen. In Rolly's words, "cool, awesome" and Rolly, yet again, is right. That's one smart kid. You get to see a live image of your takedown victim's face (or tongue or finger or... well... let's just stop there) each and every time you get a takedown.

In a game of friends (particularly handsome ones like us of course) this is truly cool, awesome™. I am going to have to pickup a camera for this Thursday's smashfest.

It also takes your picture for your Burnout license each time you upgrade and the winner of an online race gets their face put up on the screen after a win! So all the losers other racers get to see the winner gloat celebrate.

One of the better Vision Camera implementation in a game that I have seen.

So if you were thinking of buying a Xbox Live Vision or on the fence about it, pick it up now for Thursday.

The Xbox Live Vision is available retail in two packages.

  1. $49.99 for just the camera
  2. $89.99 for the camera, 1 year live membership, a Live headset, and 200 MS points

I will have to check with our Official HoC Bargain Shopper Coxxorz to see if he knows of any deals. Deals in time for Thursday that is.

Stormblade's picture

but they spelt inquirer wrong.

Those of you who get that know what I mean.

Also, the stupid spellcheck can't spell 'spelt'!

Blackwalt's picture

The spell checker uses a word dictionary not a wheat dictionary.

Spelt is a type of wheat and spelled is spelled "spelled."

Got it?


Stormblade's picture

spell1 /spɛl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[spel] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, spelled or spelt, spell·ing.
–verb (used with object)
1. to name, write, or otherwise give the letters, in order, of (a word, syllable, etc.): Did I spell your name right?
2. (of letters) to form (a word, syllable, etc.): The letters spelled a rather rude word.
3. to read letter by letter or with difficulty (often fol. by out): She painfully spelled out the message.
4. to discern or find, as if by reading or study (often fol. by out).
5. to signify; amount to: This delay spells disaster for us.
–verb (used without object)
6. to name, write, or give the letters of words, syllables, etc.: He spells poorly.
7. to express words by letters, esp. correctly.

Got it?


Blackwalt's picture

    Spelt is a species of wheat that has been grown since 5000 BC. Spelt, emmer and eincorn are considered to be "ancient" wheat species, since there has been very little breeding of these crops. All three are covered wheat species, which means the hull remains attached to the kernel after harvest, similar to barley. Spelt was also called dinkle by some early farmers. In the early 1900’s there was up to 500,000 acres grown in the USA.

"Also, "spelt" is an archaic form. "Spelled" is now the correct past tense of "spell.""

And spelt does not exist (as spelled) in the American Dictionary. Where are you exactly?

Or CP standard although the recommendation is to stay away from such a "clunky word." Apparently using clunky is just fine though.

Coxxorz's picture

Reading this thread is like watching crops breed.

Stormblade's picture

Watching crops breed would at least be pleasant.

Blackwalt's picture

Apparently this issue is related specifically to which side of the Atlantic you were born on.

With spelt being British and spelled being North American (not Canadian or U.S.).

So technically, I should be using spelt and you should continue being wrong.

Stormblade's picture

that you should just admit you're wrong and move on.


MauriceRevek's picture

I am surprised Q-Bert has not weighed in on this toppic. Usually he is the one who is anal about spelling. Or is it just my spelling. In which case he is deliberatly harassing me online. Can I report him to the admin?

Stormblade's picture

but you're assuming the admin might care ...

Blackwalt's picture

I am still trying to get Q-Bert to install the Auto-Abuse MoriceRevek Module version 1.2.

It will take some of the pressure off the other clan members.

Oh wait, did you mean care the other way?

Q-Bert's picture

Je ne comprends pas...

Coxxorz's picture

But if someone forces me to buy this contraption, I'll make it my mission to make you all sorry...

Blackwalt's picture

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