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Yet another Clan Op!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 04 April 2012

This Friday, we separate the men from the boys. I say that because we've just added a new member to our clan, who I'm entirely sure has conquered puberty yet.

But just the same, please welcome TheTygerWolf, who, while not quite breaking even, still has a higher KDR and SPM than Hardwood and Stormblade combined! Yes, with the addition of an actual gamer, we stand a chance of getting silver this time out.

So please join us for Team Deathmatch this Friday, April 6 at 8:30pm - 11:30pm. The slightly later start time should give us another advantage when it comes to increasing our kill count: me!

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Yes, the addition of a fourth player made the difference for sure.

We got 724 kills, ranking us at 5,869 out of 25,960 clans. Top 25%!!! That earned us 500 XP, boosting the clan to level 7, which unlocks Emblem Generator Pack 2. Although it's not as exciting as it sounds, just 19 new symbols as far as I can tell. Not enough to satisfy the whiny hordes of emblem detractors. It's a flaming cat skull, not a fish FFS!!! I'd hold a logo contest if there was an easy way to show you cretins what the available symbols are. Unfortunately the web interface is Flash-based.

Anyways, here are the totals.

Graybush came in a bit late, and pwn call just wasn't feeling it. Thank god for the new guy, who was already online and playing when the rest of us arrived. And it should be noted that Hardwood did show up... 8 minutes after the event was over.

The next Clan Op has not been posted yet, and the next cool rank is Level 10, which is 2 hours of double XP, and gold clan tag. Watch this space for updates. Or you might get replaced.

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