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Tour of Steelport – stop #5

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 April 2012

Occupy Steelport!

Whatever else you might say about protesters in Saints Row the Third, they are determined.

I was flying out of one of my Saints' Headquarters in my brand spanking new S.T.A.G. VTOL plane, when I noticed these guys on the building next door.

They were on three different levels of the building.

Did I say building? I meant skyscraper.

Yeah. Those protesters climbed a lot of stairs to get their message across. They really are not happy with our presence in Steelport.

This incident came about after Coxxorz and I returned to Steelport this past Sega Nite. Just the two of us during a scheduled clan event or as we like to call it, status quo.

Neither of us play any of the game missions without the other and catching up with the most recent missions progressed us substantially through the game.

In fact we progressed to the point where Steelport brought in a special militia unit to try and drive us out of town – the S.T.A.G. When they showed up in their shiny tanks and humvees was our first thought one of fear?

No. Our first thought (and exclamations) were "I have to get one of those tanks!"

And we did.

We started a minor gang war with the S.T.A.G. until enough of them showed up for us to steal a tank (and one of their armed humvees as well). Ten minutes later our garages were filled with new goodies and I quit out to go to bed. I'm such a slacker.

How can I possibly sleep after deserting Coxxorz in the middle of a gang war in Saints Row the Third? Easy. I close my eyes.

One more picture of the protesters for you.

Does that middle sign say Shaundi is a whore? Well yes, yes it does. Which, while true, isn't really something you want out there on a placard.

This may be why, shortly after this photo was taken, I demonstrated to the protesters that my brand new VTOL was armed.

Occupy this!

Oh look. They are flammable!

Coxxorz's picture

Something to add to our to-do list: VTOL surfing.

Coxxorz's picture

I like how the "Shaundi is a whore" guy is the only one protesting while sitting down.


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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