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Any advantage I can get!

By Stormblade - Posted on 07 February 2008

I am seriously thinking of purchasing this device . I have read some reviews and it seems to be the best keyboard/mouse adapter for the XBox 360 out there. Frankly, my aim sucks at the best of times and with the freaking controller, it's significantly worse.

It's a little pricey, but I need all the help I can get!

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Firstly, it wasn't available then and it is now...

And secondly, you're the one complaining about the lack of new postings.

I am at least trying!

Sheesh ...

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But I am skeptical, for a couple of reasons:

1) That's a lot of hype with no explanation of how it works
2) Ideally, games need to be written for the mouse/keyboard to function as expected
3) This would have to be highly configurable and adjustable for each game, as their button configurations/accelleration curves, etc. vary greatly.
4) "Highly durable coloured shell" is not a feature.

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Sounds to me like you should have just got the games for the PC instead.

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because then I would have to upgrade my cpu, memory and graphics card, just like I did when I bought any new game for my PC for years.

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Well if you got Vista, then you should already be upgraded to play the new games. :)

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Just not any game released prior to Vista.

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