You are hereGRAW2 night a complete success! By our standards, anyway.

GRAW2 night a complete success! By our standards, anyway.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 15 August 2007

Teamkilling, shooting of support vehicles, inaudible instructions, screams for help, and maybe one single map completed. In other words - status quo.

In true Herd of Cats tradition four members showed up and went on to play four different games. Technically the same maps at the same time but four different games. I don't think I ever saw Snuffy D except for when he was shooting at me from across the map... "CO-OP! CO-OP!"

Since a quorum for us is usually one member it was a pretty good turn out with MoriceRevek, Blackwalt, Coxxorz, and Snuffy D all in attendence. I know Snuffy's 360 was happy to be playing something other than Viva Pinata.

Cozzorz ruled the night with the most enemy kills in the maps but I swear that was due to my last minute switch to Marksman and has nothing to do with my declining skills.

Having played 5 different games in the past week it was confusing to figure out the controls for the first few maps - running around with night vision on (Oww! Bright! Bright!) while trying to reload was always painful.

MoriceRevek quit early (the wuss) and we switched to adverserial until midnight when Coxxorz's internet provider planned to kick him off. True story.

Coxxorz's picture

Actually my internet worked all night Tuesday, but gave out around 1 a.m. last night.

Apparently someone needs to tell them that "12 AM Wednesday" is not, in fact, Thursday morning.

Snuffy D's picture

... the strong finish by yours truly winning the last two games of the night. If my horn wasn't so fucking big I wouldn't feel the need to toot it so often.

Coxxorz's picture

... neglected to mention that you always wait to leave after you've won two games, making the above statement moot.

Snuffy D's picture

toot toot toot

That's the 'Snuffy D signature move # 37'

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