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Major MS product announcement TONIGHT...

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 18 June 2012

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With all the Hoopla about the new Microsoft Surface, one detail that got lost is that this is not the first product Microsoft has branded as the "Surface". There was that coffee table sized screen demoed a coupdl of years back that was called the Surface. It looks like it has quietly been rebranded as the Pixel Sense.

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Yes, it was on display at disneyland in LA. In the future tech exhibit. A joint venture between MS and HP. I played with it a bit. I was cool, but the table was massive underneath. Basically it had a full PC installed into the table..the cooling fans were LOUD. So maybe now with SSDs, better mobile processors, etc...they could build these "smart" surfaces more cost effectively and they can become a reality?!

Here's hoping!

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Why can't they just use a mini projector, mounted above the table pointing down? Then they could leverage their Kinect tech for motion detection and for tracking devices placed on the table. The computer itself could be anywhere, within Bluetooth range.

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Do not have young children.

"What's this?" *smash*

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Why build an expensive, proprietary "table computer" when you can remove the components completely and have it work on any surface?

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In case people want to waste another hour and half of their life

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But if you do, I recommend stopping after the first Surface demo tablet crashes.

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totally :\

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All I found is this stupid Xbox Surface thingy.

Update: Live Blog here.

I'm going to predict a tablet with connectivity out the wazoo.

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I think they should have screened the reporters better.

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Well there is an hour and a half I will never get back

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just a add on for their Smart Glass tech, as the article points out.

Somehow a replacement for the 360 in the form of a tablet seems quite unlikely to me.

How would playing call of duty be on a tablet?

It also could just be a way of copying Nintendo's Wii-U tablet. Microsoft does that a lot.

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I agree....but it has HDMI output. So why couldn't you play COD on it. It accepts wireless controller...HDMI output to your plasma TV. Done. You don't NEED to play with the 7inch screen...but that option is also there while you're on the go.

Without the need for a disc drive, a replacement for 360 could be much, much smaller form factor.

That why I said it would be truly revolutionary. Ebook reader, video streamer, xbox player, web browser. All in one tablet. If they pulled that off, they would seriously destroy the iPad.

Since most of the apps/games made for the ipad/iphone are already compiled for an ARM processor...(again, if the specs for this thing are real) you could port ALL of them over to the MS tablet pretty easily.

You are right...I doubt it....but it would be MAGICAL if that were the case!

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They made the HDMI wireless. then your tablet could sit on the coffee table.

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This "tablet" could theoretically be the 360 replacement...

Rumoured specs are much higher than the 360's specs. Double the video memory, non-shared memory, faster processor(s), faster HD, USB 3 and full HDMI outputs, can adapt to 4 wireless controllers...etc, etc.

The stats are impressive and pretty future proof for the next 3-5 years.

PLUS, many games are going subscription downloads are more and more popular, even the distribution channel for physical media is drying up. (Blockbuster is gone, Rogers is out of games/DVD business, so are many other big chain stores)

It would be pretty revolutionary!!

Imagine being able to pick up your xbox like a tablet and bring it out. Imagine doing away with that massive power brick! You could play with other xbox owners over bluetooth when you're really close. Etc.

THIS would totally kick the iPad's ass!!!

Hmmmm, would be a pretty big leap, but that is what MS has to do to get back to number 1.

Totally interested in this product announcement now.

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