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Black Ops 2 MP action...

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 15 August 2012

I love it. Some of my classes I never use my second gun, so trading my second gun for extra perks or class boosts is sweet! More control over your classes. Love it!

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Why would I want to listen to some screaming idiot narrating the game? I mute those guys NOW.

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you don't have's more for "broadcasting". play by plays is really big in PC pro leagues an shit, that's what they are trying to bring to consoles.

Did you see how many times they referred to gaming as a "sport"?

I read an article a couple years ago that basically said the biggest obstacle to video games becoming truly mainstream is that it lacks an audience. No one spectates or watches it.

Competitive sports it a massive industry because of the spectators...not the athletes. If they can build a "viewing" audience for gaming, they can really, really grow the industry. THAT is where this push for the broadcasting is coming from. It's working in pro gaming...if they can get it to work on consoles, it could grow really fast.

I'm sure you can all think of some sports that would be far less entertaining to watch without the commentator....

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that might work for games in Starcraft, in South Korea (where many gamers are treated like celebrities and get paid a lot). But like Coxxorz said, those are pro players, not 15 year olds. Plus it's a cultural thing over there. I talked to a guy once who told me about this korean friend of his who showed him how to play Starcraft like the do over there. Hardcore... you have no idea.

And how many people really want to watch other people play a game and 'broadcast'? By definition games are interactive, and watching someone play and shouting isn't interactive.

The only way I see this kind of thing working is if people wanted to "follow" top ranked players, or even celebrities (like twitter). Otherwise, press mute.

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But the thing with pro gaming tournaments is that it's pro. Who is going to tune into some random game channel (out of thousands), and hope that something interesting happens? Or that the narrator isn't some wannabe squeaker? It's like playing Youtube Roulette.

I definitely commend them for trying something new, but I think this is going to boil down to a few good teams and a few good/funny narrators worth following. The rest will just be special interest groups, or clans getting off on watching their own replays.

But I definitely like anything that can help bring widespread attention to glitchers and boosters.

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Both your arguments are miss the point really....junior soccer n hockey are sports is actually a lot newer than pro. Kids started playing to be like the pros...oike their heros. There wasnt always these massive organized leagues....that came later. You gotta start with the pros. Right now, as you guys have said, only other pros are interested...or in closed cultures like Korea where thy don't exactly get out to see a ball game Thursday nights...

This is the start. The goal now is to get an audience, however small, and it will grow over time.

Girlfriends watch gaming...friends will watch their buddy slaughter others. Average gamers? Yeah not to interesting....but people love to watch youtube vids of pnwage....that directly tanslates into interested viewers. They need to build on that, and they will.

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That will be the most annoying feature of that game.

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No more killstreaks and other interesting changes.

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