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and here they are.....

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 28 August 2012

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I would probably buy this just for the drone.

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But at this price point, it must be the v.1 Parrot they're using, or some even cheaper variant. The v.2 alone retails for over $300!

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...and/or quad-rotor drone..

I need to start collecting liquor bottles on the streets.

spare change anyone?

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no Elite included....

So, does that mean I'm going to have to drop a separate $50 for another year of Elite?

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CallOfDutyElite says:

"Details about ELITE integration with #BlackOps2 will be coming next month. Stay tuned."

Dan Amrich says:

"Last year Elite was included in Hardened to launch it big, but it’s not part of the CEs this year. I expect more Elite info next month."

So it doesn't look good.

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Maybe they have the subscription numbers they need, and don't want to discount the renewal price by including it. Who knows, they may yet announce something?

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Why charge $99 and include the $50 value membership when they can just charge everyone $50 (on top of $79 for the HE) Even if they lose 40% of the members, they would still be ahead financially.

Come to think of it...more money, less users...means better profits and less resource headaches!

If it costs $50, I'll be out. However, since they said that's what it was "worth" when they launched, it's probably going to cost that much :\

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But didn't it go on sale at one point, minimizing any savings we got by upgrading to the Elite Edition?

Although they keep referring to this as "Elite 2.0", so that doesn't bode well.

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