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Oh Yeah Baby!

By Stormblade - Posted on 20 February 2008

What do the Montreal Canadiens do when they're down 5-0 five minutes into the 2nd period? Well, win the game 6-5 of course!

Biggest comeback in franchise history. That by the oldest franchise in the NHL.

And there's a high probability we're adding Marian Hossa before the trade deadline.

I think I smell Cup number 25...

... yes Revek, that's 25, not 24 ...

Ice's picture

It was a grand comeback I admit, but it was one of those stupid shoot out wins that gets two points. I hate that system.

PS. The leafs won, how are the planning to get the first pick overall if they win.

PPS. The Leafs game was on in Toronto.

MauriceRevek's picture

Since I could not find the Sens game anywhere, guess it must have been one of those PPV games, I watched the first 2 periods of the Habs game. I gave up after the 1st Canadian goal (which made it 5-1) and got some more cars in Burnout. 35 wins away from my Elite. I have way too much time on my hands.

Stormblade's picture

And I haven't played in a week while being caught up in Assassin's Creed.

You have too much time on your hands???

MauriceRevek's picture

I was reffing in a squash tournement on the weekend in Montreal, so no X-Box for 3 days. I imagine that once I start Assasin's Creed and Lost Odesey, I will be absent from reality as well.

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MauriceRevek's picture


Blackwalt's picture

Channel 27 on Rogers.

I know, I know, who would think to put hockey on one of the two primary sports channels...

MauriceRevek's picture

And it said it was a Leafs game

Blackwalt's picture

They don't show Leafs games in Ottawa unless you pay for them!

And what the guides say never corresponds to what they are actually showing...

MauriceRevek's picture

I thought they always showed Leafs games if there was no Sens game available. Even if the Habs are playing, it will be the Leafs on TV.

Blackwalt's picture

They ONLY show Leafs games if they are national broadcasts.

If they are regional only. They are blacked out locally. Whether Sens games are on or not is irrelevant.

This is the only reason I pay for the Hockey channels so trust me, I know.

All CBC broadcast are national but very few TSN or Sportnet games are national. No Leafs TV broadcasts are national.

Getting games in HD is even harder.

And the ExpressVu and Rogers interactive guides are NEVER accurate with this information.

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