You are hereSorry Stormblade but Guba already bought my affections

Sorry Stormblade but Guba already bought my affections

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 October 2012

With Rye

But what can I say. Good try, just a couple of months too late.

So about three months ago, to mine and everyone else's surprise, Guba proved that she still loved me when she showed up at home with a bottle of rye.

Not just any bottle of rye but Forty Creek. And not just any bottle of Forty Creek but Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve – bottle #05125. She had stopped at a liquor store to stock up with Ice (the person) and Erika on their way back from golf. Did she ever stock up.

And it is good. Extremely good. My only regret is that before I knew just how good it was I shared some of it with Ice. Never again, my friend, never, ever again. It's mine now, all mine... my precious.

    Forty Creek Confederation Oak is the colour of old gold and is a very full bodied whisky. To the nose it is a big whisky with constantly evolving aromas and flavours. Beginning with a maple-raisin-vanilla-fig, layers of praline, banana, butter cream, honeyed nuts, marzipan, spice and orange blossoms. As it lingers, dark dried fruits and anise evolve. On the palate it has a very rich entry; soft, round and dry. Full bodied with vanilla, butter cream and pepper spice which is nicely framed with oak, walnut and smoke. An exceptional finish that has great depth. A long lingering finish with fading spice and white pepper. Excellent balance and vibrant flavour. A whisky to sip and cherish.

The only bad thing I can say about the Confederation Oak Reserve is the bottle is almost empty.

With that bottle Guba cemented her place in my heart never to be removed.

Not that Stormblade didn't try. Good try Stormy, good try but just a little too late.

Yesterday I arrived home to discover that Stormblade had dropped off a bottle of rye for me. A bottle of Forty Creek. Was it? Was it? No, it wasn't. Instead it was a bottle of Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve – bottle # 07247. Which I am sure is just as good. It was just too late.

    Forty Creek Double Barrel has a wonderful golden roasted aroma filled with deep vanilla notes and highlighted with toasted spice, pecan and walnuts. There is a caramelized creaminess to the flavour with a rich spice that lifts it off the tongue. The finish is very smooth, mellow and extra long.

I assume the Double Barrel is almost as good as the Confederation oak but it is still sealed as I am still cementing Guba's place in my heart with the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve. While the Confederation is close to empty it still has some life in it. I don't use this as everyday drinking rye. That's what the regular Forty Creek is for. As well as the bottle of Collingwood that Ice bought for me. What can I say Ice, it's like you don't even care anymore. Are you even trying?

So Guba has bought my heart with an exceptional bottle of rye and Stormblade is left out in the cold yet again. Sorry Stormy, I am sure you will find someone with a lesser taste in rye. I think Ice is still available.

Not that I suggest that any of you shouldn't keep trying, just that Guba has set the bar pretty high.

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Blackwalt vibrates as we are driving down the QEW, but we have yet to make a stop. You can see it right from the highway. Maybe if your really good next May, we can make a pitstop.

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My hat is off to you, ma'am.

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"Double Barrel".

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