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Busted! Photo manipulation on

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 November 2012

Say it isn't so

Everyone remember this photo?Everyone remember this photo?

So the above photo may not be exactly as it seems. It was edited to improve the facial expression of one of the subjects.

When I explained what had happened to the effected individual (with much laughter from those present) I had to promise to come clean on the site. Yes, I busted myself. To Q-Bert who was the person most effected by this photo. Q-Bert? He isn't even in the photo? I know. Read on.

Please note that this is the first that Graybush has heard of this as he missed our evening out where I greatly enjoyed telling this story to Stormblade and Q-Bert.

In a previous post, The Ultimate HoC Wedding Gift, I referred to the three HoC members that were the driving force behind this gift. And talked about the four members who were the primary HoC Zombie Killing Task Force: Blackwalt, Graybush, Stormblade and Coxxorz.

While writing the story I remembered that I had a picture of the four of us from the wedding and here it is.

One of these things may be differentOne of these things may be different

Perfect except for Graybush who was exactly as photogenic as I remembered. Nice.

How could I fix that?

This is when I remembered an additional photo taken immediately after the first one.

Five people?Five people?

Well Graybush's eyes are at least open but what is that unsightly blotch in the middle?

Maybe I could work with these two photos to get one acceptable photo?

And that is where this slight photo manipulation came from and why it appeared on the site.

Fixed! (sort of)Fixed! (sort of)

And in case you can't see the changes clearly try this one.

And if you really just want something to scare your kids with, use this one:

Is this where I am supposed to put in my apology to Q-Bert? Whoops, out of space...

Coxxorz's picture

But who is that handsome devil on the right?!!

Swag's picture

to just photoshop his eyes in.

Otherwise, cool pictures.

But that thing Q-bert is wearing has gotta be the ugliest sweater I have ever seen.

Q-Bert's picture

But it was warm though.

Swag's picture

Like that suave guy on the right?

Q-Bert's picture

.. "suave" with "uptight".

Coxxorz's picture

Maybe some hot chick just grabbed that debonair guy's ass, and he's trying to maintain his cool on camera.

Q-Bert's picture

The bride was off-frame behind you then...


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