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Black Ops 2 FAIL

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 23 November 2012

This will be my last Black Ops 2 post...ha!

Supreme disappointment. That's how I feel about the entire Black Ops 2 game.

1. Network finessing is at an all time high. Those with the best connections will rape those without, regardless of skill. I've captured a few games and was ready to make another video, but it's just not worth my time. Worst still, it's sporadic. So in one game I can play reasonably well and score reasonably match, the system might pick a new host (even if ALL the players stay from one match to the next) and therefore my scoring changes. You can feel it when you get a bad "server/host". Talk about distracting from the game experience.

2. I don't mind the new pick10 system. I don't like how the challenges seem to be buried. The unlocks for some weapons are tied to prestige-ing the weapon, and some of them were broken I guess. How do you release a game where the core functionality is broken? Scorestreaks are also a novel idea, but holy crap it's hard to get anything above 1000 points. The four or five times I've found myself on a "rampage" I ran out of ammo before I got about 1100, so unless you are running Scavenger, how do you even make it to the higher level scorestreaks?

3. Zombies just straight up sucks balls now. There, I said it. I've played all the maps with the other Zombie aficionados as well as by myself. There seems to be a complete departure from the way zombies worked in the past. Change is alright, but I struggle to find any positives to the changes they made in zombies. You have to build the power can built other weapons or traps...but what's the goal? Where are you going and what needs to be done. I understand that to some, that's part of the fun, figuring that out. However, after losing brutally several times I have finally turned to YouTube to see where things go. (don't worry Blackwalt, no spoilers) Man, talk about disappointing. I've now seem the entire "walkthrough" for Tranzit Green Run and you know what? booooorrrrriiiiiinnnngggg. I have no desire to play for 30 minutes to do ANY of that stuff. Plus, even playing in survival mode...I just don't find any of the maps that much fun to play on. They are very limiting in their perks, holding areas and general accessibility. Which brings me to....

4. The maps. If you've played Black Ops 2 MP, you'll admit....Nuketown is the best map included in the game and it's (basically) gone now. Some of the maps are ok...there's a neat spot here or there...but overall, they're not the same caliber as MW3. The locations are diverse, yet predictable. Engagement points are obvious and rush zones are the same. If you play Domination, you'll find that A and C are almost too easy to protect on almost all the maps and only B is contestable. Likewise, the other objective MP modes seem like an after thought in the map designs. There is far less 3 dimensional thinking in these maps than MW3, where you could really find all sorts of little spots to hide or move between sections. By comparison, BlackOps 2 maps are like freeways of traffic.

5. Gameplay changes suck. No lethal grenades for 5 seconds? WTF? Why? So I can blind/concuss/shock the enemy right away with a thrown grenade, just not kill them? I really don't see the point of this change. Same with grenade launchers. If someone can thread the needle in the first 2 seconds to land a grenade for first blood, why shouldn't they? The worst part...if you throw a grenade before the 5 second mark, you lose the grenade! Don't think you can time it for the landing can't "throw" the grenade until the 5 seconds is up. Want to make a change? How about eliminating quick scoping? Which is complete bullshit to begin with.

6. Single player isn't any better. There is a LOT of cut scenes. They tell a good story I'll admit, but I found myself watching the screen for more time than I was playing sometimes. Also, I hate the system they use for showing you your objective. It seems like the same as BlackOps1, but somehow worst. I think it's the implementation. I never lost site of the objective before. You knew where you had to go and what you had to do. I've died several times in this game just looking for where I'm supposed to be going. BLACKWALT STOP READING...also, they give you a loadout screen where you're supposed to be able to alter your loadout, but all the weapons are greyed out except for 2. the one they want you to use and one other one. So why are you showing me 10 assault rifles when you'll only let me use 2?

Lastly, you know what Black Ops 2 is? It's called a first person shooter. That's what I bought. I want to run around shooting shit. So the middle of the single player there a fracking tower defence mission? If I wanted to play an RTS, I would have bought Starcraft or Company of Heroes. You can fail that mission and continue the single player campaign, but then you miss out on some achievements and the story line changes. So this very minor RTS piece effects the entire single player campaign. WTF Treyarch! WTF!

HUGELY disappointed.

and I already bought the season pass :\

oh well, back to Borderlands 2

Swag's picture

I will buy it!*

*Pending a decent Coxxorz deal.

Coxxorz's picture

At any given time, SOMEBODY on my friends list is playing it. It's always just an invite away!

Coxxorz's picture

But I will prestige once or twice before calling it quits, just to make sure.

How does everyone feel about going back to MW3 instead?

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