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The Rye Wars continue

By Blackwalt - Posted on 15 December 2012

Ice ups his game

As previously documented in Sorry Stormblade but Guba already bought my affections a battle of the ryes was taking place in my household. The spoils? ME! So who wouldn't enter?

Our standings so far were Guba in first place with a bottle of Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve, Stormblade in second place with a bottle of Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve and Ice in a far distant third place with a bottle of Collingwood. As I said at the time about Ice, "It's like he wasn't even trying."

Late this past November Ice came to visit Ottawa and he came with a legitimate entry – Forty Creek Copper Pot.

    Forty Creek Copper Pot. Deep copper (amber) colour. Bold aromas of toffee, nuts and spice. Dried stone fruits follow through on a smooth, supple entry. Full bodied with rich brown spice notes and hints of marmalade. Finishes with a long, sensual fade. A whisky worthy savouring.

Yes, Ice was determined not to be taken lightly. He had read of his previously poor showing and decided to show that he was in the Rye Wars and determined to be a contender.

And a contender he is. The Forty Creek Copper Pot was a significant improvement on the Collingwood and moved him impressively up the standings into a close third. Still third, but a much closer third.

Two things were still holding Ice back:

  1. The Forty Creek Copper Pot was on sale (as if I wouldn't notice). Priced equivalent to the regular Forty Creek Barrel Select Ice barely had to put any effort into his entry.
  2. The Forty Creek Copper Pot, while good was still not up to the high standards of the first place Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve or even the second place Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve.

A significant portion of the bottle was absent by the time Ice left Ottawa so he can not claim it was not properly tested. With Ice's latest entry in the Rye Wars he has solidified his hold on third place and Stormblade can feel Ice breathing down his neck.

Sorry Ice. A much better effort but still... third. Keep trying though, quantity over quality may still come into play. Plus, it's rye!

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turns you into Aku.

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...the other way around.

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Makes you liquor?

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Where does it fall on the BribeWalt Ladder of Influence?

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...I'm writing as slow as I can.

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