You are hereOk, here's the deal you morons

Ok, here's the deal you morons

By Blackwalt - Posted on 05 March 2008

The two biggest contributers to the site, Blackwalt and Q-Bert (okay the one biggest contributer and some other guy), are going on vacation for the next week. Returning on Saturday the 15th.

So, here it is.

Its up to the rest of you to keep content flowing onto the site while we are gone.

Fat chance I know, but I thought I should ask.

Try anyway.

Ice's picture

Well Since all the good content will be gone. I guess I'll check back in around the 15th, when there should be pages and pages of sunburnt BlackWalt Stories.

Heck even I was able to send info in when I was being chased by killer Nazi Zombies with large feet.

Swag's picture

too hard..

MauriceRevek's picture

No new content next week. You are on a cruise ship. They have an internet connection. You can bring your laptop.

Stormblade's picture

That I am the second biggest contributor to this site, and I will continue to do so while you two idiots are away.

I know I have that Osmonds photo somewhere ...

Coxxorz's picture

New content on the 15th?

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