You are hereDir Rise – Level 14 reached

Dir Rise – Level 14 reached

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 January 2013

With two players – Graybush and Blackwalt

This isn't a picture of our Level 14 triumph. This is a picture of our first attempt reaching level 4. Let's just say we saw a lot more of the level 4 attempts than we did the level 14 attempts.

SeanMCR would have joined us but he couldn't find the DLC. Once he did find it he was victimized by the Northern Alberta internet which let him get to 99% after an hour and then sat there for fifteen minutes.

Coxxorz was victimized in a different way. He sent a 10:30 message saying 0% downloaded. After numerous messages claiming that he was signing onto Live and launching Call of Duty Black Ops 2 he eventually sent another message. "2%." At 11:30.

He eventually explained that no he didn't live in Northern Alberta, he had to download the DLC a second time. So the hour delay was between download attempts. To be fair the first message was time stamped 10:28 and the second message was timed 11:30 so technically it was one hour and two minutes.

Graybush and I continued to play through out this tragic HoC comedy. It was tough to keep going on our own but we managed. Somehow. Graybush found the Tickle Trunk on his first try. In a location that I had walked right by several times in my (too many to mention) previous attempts. Don't laugh too hard. It was on the ceiling.

I think we are started to get some idea of the layout of the map but it is huge and it is confusing. It is made across two parts of a skyscraper, one part is hanging upside down from the other part. You have to jump across a gap to get from one to another. It is possible, and fatal, to miss the jump. Ask how we know.

We need more experimentation so hopefully SeanMCR and Coxxorz can figure out their downloading issues before Sega Nite. Which is tonight by the way.

Or, you know, anyone else.

SeanmcR6's picture

Once it downloaded I immediately went into Zombies and my xbox froze.Rebooted, tried again, Froze. Rebooted and tried MP, it worked...but I had horrible playing experience. Totally messed up. Tried jumping back into Zombies....froze.

So I tried redownloading...but it would only double check the file I already downloaded and tried again, froze.

So I had to erase the DLC from the HD and redownload from scratch....sat at 1% for 15 min, decided to go to bed instead.

This morning before going to work, I restarted the download and when I got home, I immediately tried zombies. Success! Tried MP, success!

So I guess I'm good to go now, but you guys probably won't even be on tonight ;)

Coxxorz's picture

It turns out Seanmcr had the same problem as I had, with the DLC crashing his Xbox when entering the Zombies menu screen.

But despite solving it by re-downloading the DLC while listening to him cuss out everything from Treyarch to Canadian ISP infrastructure, I was unable to rejoin you guys on account of YOU WERE ALREADY FUCKING GONE.

Swag's picture

There was another game available that provided you some ra....well you know.

MauriceRevek's picture

Graybush! Does this mean the clock has to be reset?

Coxxorz's picture

Unless you're hallucinating, the website has still gone 73 days without a Graybush post.

Graybush's picture

and.... beer tap boobs.

SeanmcR6's picture


reset the counter!!!!!

Coxxorz's picture

There goes 2 months of solid content.

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