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Coxxorz deal of the day (well, yesterday)

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 March 2008

So I made the mistake of going with Hardw00d and Coxxorz to Best Buy yesterday.

They were in line for the Best Buy HD-DVD rebate.

While there Coxxorz found a Xbox HD DVD drive and made (yes made) me buy it. For $49.99. I total rip off.

After purchasing it at the cash I then walked over to customer service and lined up just as Cozzorz and Hardw00d had done.

The nice customer service guy then proceeded to give me my $50 gift card from the Best Buy HD-DVD rebate.

So yes. I spent $49.99 plus tax to get a $50 gift card as well as a Xbox 360 HD-DVD player (with Xbox 360 remote and HD-DVD King Kong – both of which I can sell). Or $6.49 for a backup dvd drive for my Xbox 360 depending on how you look at it.

That's a deal even by Coxxorz's standards.

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The odds of finding one of these since the BB $50 gift card program was announced is something akin to Stormblade winning a round of CoD4.

Blackwalt's picture

For $10 (to a friend so that's all I wanted – $32 new).

Now if I can just find someone who wants to buy my copy of King Kong HD DVD.

PS - my logitech remote works the Xbox 360 so I didn't need another remote.

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To know that my friends are all cheap-assed losers.

And NO, I am not going to buy a dead technology just because it's cheap.

That's why I have never paid for a copy of Windows.

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It's been pointed out that this Xbox addon can also work connected to a PC (or Mac, I'm told), to function as an external optical drive. For people who keep their CPU under the desk, you can't argue with the logic of having a nice little FREE CD/DVD drive conveniently within reach. For FREE.

And apparently it comes with some High-Definition blockbuster movie and an Xbox remote control, but whatever.


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And if you don't check your local Best Buy for one ASAP, you're gay.

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I am with Stormblade with this one
Haven't checked Blockbuster nor best buy

And I Guarantee you I am not gay.

MauriceRevek's picture

That is not what the recording says. Mister 'I like it up the ass'.

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Ok dude

#1 That happened how many years ago?
#2 I was under hypnosis and I admit it was a strange feeling.

Well since we are on mishappenings that have happened years ago. I didn't think I would have to result to this but hey you leave me no choice.

Now let's talk about you and you messing up with the Drew Barrymore look alike shall we?

A few years back we were on a St. Patty's day pub crawl.
And group of ready and willing girls came and talked to Revek and myself.
Well seeing as how one of them looked like Drew Barrymore I was all over her. But for some unknown reason that has every scientist, psychologist and myself baffled to this day is why she took a liking to Revek. So me being the nice guy that I am and knowing that Revek will end his long streak of celibacy I decided to take on her friend. Now, Drew was all over Revek she could have drawn a map and I think he still wouldn't know where to go. The other girl which happens to be Drew's roommate decides she is tired of waiting and told me "ok let's go". After a couple of hours the roommate and I are in her apartment relaxing. When Drew came home I asked where Revek was. And she asked me if he was gay and I said I am not sure. I then saw how ready and eager she was. So I attempted to initiate a threesome. Unfortunately the roommate "was tired out". So then I looked at Drew with my classic people's eyebrow (I have had that eyebrow many years before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stole it). And Drew said she lost her eagerness. So, Revek foiled me again .... (o\_/o)

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If I can find my receipt for my HD Drive, I qualify too.

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Please stop talking.


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