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It's all Graybush's fault

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 January 2014

My CR/V is broken and it's his fault!

This morning I needed to borrow some electronics from Graybush. Second to Coxxorz, he is where I borrow my electronics. You would think he would be first but no. There is one primary ingredient in the process of borrowing from Graybush, coffee. Preferably Tim Horton's coffee. No coffee and you might as well go home.

No problem. I'll hit the drive thru on the way over to meet him. This is, as best as I can remember, where things went wrong.

I went through a standard Tim Horton's drive thru, one I use regularly, picking up a medium double, double and a medium black. Then I went back on the road.

Back on the road things just felt wrong. I glanced down at my hands. Has the steering wheel always been at that angle? I straightened the steering wheel in my hands and the CR/V immediately began drifting into the left lane. Whoops, back to the wrong angle but at least I was going straight now. Was it like this when I left the house? No. Was it like this when I left the drive thru? Yes.

Thinking back I remember hitting a small bump just as I drove up to the drive thru window. The kind of bump that you hit ten times a day in the winter. Miniscule. The only significant thing about this bump is I vaguely remember it occurring. That's pretty much it.

This tiny, barely memorable bump took out the alignment of my front, left tire. When I parked before my grovelling session with Graybush I walked to the front of the car. Passenger side tires, nice and straight. Driver's side tires? Oh, those don't line up at all.

I dropped off the coffee, chatted for a while and grabbed the required electronics before driving home to totally blame everything on Graybush.

Email sent to Guba:

    Subject: Graybush broke the car. Honest

Please note that I had to walk the last 100 meters home as I dropped the CR/V off at the mechanics. Should be ready by three.

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