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Random Plea of the Day

By Q-Bert - Posted on 08 August 2014

This is a plea for help. I am painting my whole house on Saturday and Sunday. So far, 2 people have answered the call and I am afraid we will burn out if we don't get a few more. If you want to help, flag me and come for a few hours. My new house is at the end of the OTrain (Greenboro) and is walking distance from there.

You can help with rolling, cutting, painting trim, cleaning rollers and brushes, stirring paint, making snacks, moving drop cloths, etc.
You won't have to move any furniture as the house will be bare.


Coxxorz's picture

Still waiting to find out when the in-laws are leaving town.

I could be in charge of watching the paint dry...

Coxxorz's picture

I seem to have some pare time before Guardians tonight...

MauriceRevek's picture

He did not have internet and did not realize you were offering. He is with Teck Savvy and Bell is responsible for the hookup. Which means he should be back online by 2015.

Coxxorz's picture

I find that hard to believe.

If you want stress, try getting Teksavvy cable... the line is actually installed by Rogers *shudder*.

Stormblade's picture

They always blame Rogers when there is a problem and for some reason I believe them.

Coxxorz's picture

And I STILL blamed ROgers for outages.

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