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Well, it's that time again.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 19 September 2014

Phallic, no?Phallic, no?

It's time to upgrade my work Mac. I cannot justify purchasing this behemoth, but I'm still going to do it. Just tack it on the mortgage.

Stormblade hinted at getting a Mac Pro last year, and I bet that's what *he* did...

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But it's coming. I downgraded my car this week in order to free up money for it. As soon as Yosemite launches ...

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I think I'll stick with my FREE Dell XPS 15 with 16GB Ram and a 500 GB solid state drive and QHD touch screen that Dell messed up and sent me, even though the order was cancelled.

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But you would have to PAY me to take a Dell.

MauriceRevek's picture

They did. $100. Waiting for the saga to conclude before I tell the story.

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I was going to jump on this when it first came out, but then realized it's no behemoth.

I wanted the big, black, phallic Serious-Sam-cannon-style monolith on my desk, but this thing is actually tiny! And that's because as sean said, there is no built in anything. I would have to re-buy all external optical and expansion hard drives. So picture your flawless icon of Apple design, sitting next to a misshapen stack of random components and cables. What a boondoggle.

Back to looking for a G4 cube.

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I have one. IMO, It's not worth it.

The only saving grace is the Thunderbolt 2 (if you use a lot of peripherals like me). Other than that, my Adobe CC apps run just as fast/stable on my home built PC. For my video work, 4K footage plays back better on the macpro (dual D700s) but 2K footage runs smoother on my PC when I use noise reduction, effects. (all GPU) Which is frustrating as my PC has 1 lonely 4GB 770 card compared to the dual D700s with 6GB each.

The biggest problem with the trash can, is there dis no upgrade path. It's like the new MacBooks. What you buy is what you have and when it's no longer enough, time to buy a new one. I also miss the DVD tray. I've moved on from physical media, but a lot of my customers still want BR/DVD disks.

It is quiet though and people still make monkey sounds when they see it.

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