You are hereMystery Package Contents Part 2: Rebellion amazes us

Mystery Package Contents Part 2: Rebellion amazes us

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 April 2015

Rebellion demonstrates how to properly thank their fans

Someone scribbled all over our gifts? Well no, technically, everyone (from Rebellion) has scribbled all over our gifts. And it is totally awesome!

I can't really describe how amazed I was when I turned over the comics and discovered that the Rebellion development team had signed them. All five of them! The guys that created Zombie Army Trilogy had signed five of their limited edition Zombie Army Comics and shipped them to Herd of Cats.

All over a hat. An awesome hat obviously but still, a hat.

Uh... Rebellion? Yeah... thanks. Although I think that may understate our feeling toward receiving these autographed memorabilia. They are truly unique and rare souvenirs.

Fortunately having five of them I will be able to hang them all over the house. I have space allotted already in the downstairs bathroom.

I kid, I kid. The comics have been allotted out to the five signatories on the original Herd of Cats letter sent to Rebellion. Coxxorz and Graybush have already driven by and absconded with their copies. Stormblade can grab his whenever and I will ship one out to Fort McMurray as soon as I collect enough loose change to cover postage.

I have already started the process to properly frame mine. It will be going front and center in my gaming area.

As I said in yesterday's story, Rebellion "turned us all into permanent fan boys."

Rebellion. I can not say it enough. Thanks for our autographed comics. Thanks for Zombie Army Trilogy. Thanks for recognizing your fans.

Just... thanks.

Stormblade's picture

We have Ubisoft, who wouldn't know how to reach out to fans if their lives depended on it.

Thanks Rebellion. You guys are a class act and your games are addictive and entertaining. I'm playing Sniper Elite instead of Assassin's Creed, which would normally come as a shock to those who know me.

SeanmcR6's picture

wow, that's awesome! What an awesome bunch of guys and gals :)

MauriceRevek's picture

I wish there was one for me!

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