You are here"I do not need these dummkopfs"

"I do not need these dummkopfs"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 22 May 2015

That quote from Edward Richtofen should propably read "other dummkopfs"

You know what is better that three player World at War Zombie Mode? Four player World at War Zombie Mode. An this past Sega Note that is what we did. Graybush, SeanMCr, Coxxorz, and I.

We did okay getting to Level 25 but it became difficult once SeanMCR took his revenge on us. Or maybe it was the Fort McMurray internet. Too close to call.

We quit playing Call of Duty World at War coop campaign because once again SeanMCr was having difficulty with the friendly AI. Justifiably.

And once again due to SeanMCR we had to play Der Riese. Since we hardly play Zombie Mode, SeanMCr has never bothered to pick up the other DLC for World at War. Why would he.

So playing Zombie Mode because of SeanMCR and playing the time intensive Der Riese because of SeanMCR it was only a matter of time until he bailed on us.

And bail he did, which is why the score screen above only shows three players in our four player match.

For reference, World at War Zombie Mode scales the difficulty mode based on the number of players. But it is not dynamic. The game started with four player difficulty providing us with more than enough zombies for four players. We SeanMCR disconnects he did not take his share of the zombies with him.

It got entertaining fast trying to hold off that extra player's worth of zombies. The three of us were amazed we made it to Level 25.

Since we ended up playing until 2 AM we had to admit that it may have been a good thing that SeanMCR disconnected when he did. I did not get enough sleep that night but it could have been worse.

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something about running 2 netflix streams, 1 dozen torrents and me on xbox for about 6 hours straight....the router overheated and basically just said NOPE.

I just assumed you'd all have died by the time I got it rebooted and reconnected...

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