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Xbox Live Bundle On Sale

By Coxxorz - Posted on 16 May 2008

Just in time for the May 24 weekend (isn't May 24 next weekend?), Dell has put on sale the Xbox Live Vision Gold Pack for just $75.99. Their regular price was already $5 cheaper than everywhere else, so this is a sweet deal.

The kit comes with:

- 12 months of Xbox Live (duh) - retail $59.99
- Xbox Live Vision Camera - retail $49.99
- Xbox 360 headset - retail $34.99
- 2 crappy Xbox Live Arcade Games
- 200 Microsoft Points

Not sure how long this price is good for, so order soon. Don't be alarmed by the wrong photo they have up on the website (regular 12-month sub), the manufacturer number is correct. As always, shipping is free.

Stormblade's picture

For significantly less

Coxxorz's picture

... fine if you live in the U.S. and have the option of going over to the little bitch's house and giving him a bloody nose if he screws you on the auction. I've heard too many examples of people being ripped off on fake Xbox EVERYTHING on eBay to risk taking the chance. Frankly, I think the demographic is to blame. Need new wheels for your skateboard? Put some bogus Xbox shit on eBay for some quick cash!

Stormblade's picture

Um, that's only if you have no idea how to use eBay. You buy from the sellers with significant positive feedback, especially for things like this. I've never had a deal go bad and I have bought way more stuff than I want to admit to on eBay.

Coxxorz's picture

Apparently new eBay guidelines prohibit the emailing of Live Subscription codes anymore. So shipping costs pretty much kill any savings now.

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