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Zombies. The Giant. Four players. Round 23

By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 December 2015

We just couldn't ignore our outer Coxxorz

We really, really tried.

Yesterday we only made it to Round 23 on "the Giant." No threat to our Leaderboards but it was memorable all the same because Coxxorz/Pwn Call joined us.

It was a funny start because ranked "the Giant" matches do not allow joining in progress. So...

  • SeanMCR had to quit out of his solo game to get Graybush when he came online (Round 19)
  • SeanMCR and Graybush had to quit out of their 2 player game to get Blackwalt when he came online (Round 21)
  • SeanMCR, Graybush, and Blackwalt had to quit out of their 3 player game to get Coxxorz/Pwn Call when he came online (Round 17?)

So getting to Round 23 before anyone else came online was considered a win.

It wasn't until late in the game that Coxxorz/Pwn Call mentioned this was his first time playing "the Giant." We had just assumed his erratic play style was him being him. Turns out he had an excuse.

While "the Giant" is essentially the same map as Der Reise the timing of almost everything is different. Starting rounds, the Ka-Boom, the woof-woof, Monkeys, everything is just a little different and it does take an adjustment period. One we refused to give him.

And I, literally, sucked. I went down five times, I purchased Juggernog 3 times, once SeanMCR gave it to me through a bubble gum and I promptly lost it before the next level started. True story. I never had enough money to replace my perks, let alone my weapons. I played two rounds with a bad sniper rifle and an empty LMG, I never once had three perks (simultaneously). I once bought Mule Kick by mistake instead of Juggernog. I played more rounds at the back then ever previously. I died a lot...

My most ignominious death?

    At the end of a Round I jumped off the Catwalk of Hope and Love to get away from the last surviving zombies. A zombie promptly jumped after me and landed directly on top of me. Note: when a zombie is on top of you, you cannot move and/or shoot it. I died. Badly.

    SeanMCR described it as "the funniest thing I have ever seen."

    He was too busy laughing to manage to take screenshots or video not to mention SHOOTING THE ZOMBIE OFF OF ME!

Thanks for that. My revenge will come.

Please note that in the following image I finally have money. $20000. And then count how many of us are down.

Four. The answer is four.

All of us failed horribly at ignoring our outer Coxxorz which pretty much explains how the entire game went. Thanks Coxxorz/Pwn Call. Thanks.

Oh, and join us again. Tonight?

SeanmcR6's picture

it was worth it...

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There was no way CelloLady was letting me pull another late night zombie hunting session. One of the problems of being married to a healthcare professional is that they take the whole 'healthcare' thing seriously. Go figure.

Now, tonight maybe ...


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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