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Bio of a Team Killer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 September 2007


[HOC] Blackwalt has committed suicide
[HOC] Moricerevek has been killed by a team mate
[HOC] Stormblade29 has been killed by a team mate

I confess. I killed them. It was me. I did it and they deserved it. All of them! Die! Die! Die!

So the map was almost over. Who cares! So we had been doing well. Who cares!

I was carrying them! Me! My team! My clan! My server! I wanted you dead so I killed you!

I burned you alive with my favourite weapon – the incendiary grenade. Seriously, its my favourite. I laughed as you burned and looked for marshmallows.

It was worth dying to take both of you with me.

Except Coxxorz who I missed (next time buddy! Next time!). Although I laughed as he gunned down all three hostages and then plunged to his death off a ladder. Laughed! I almost thought of sparing you next time buddy. Almost.

It was me, I killed them, I'm proud of it and I had the last laugh! And I'm still laughing...

Me. Me! ME! ME!

Ahem... until next game that is

MauriceRevek's picture

For our next venture in R6V, I would vote that Blackwalt is only allowed to equip smoke grenades.

And a water gun.

Blackwalt's picture

As you won't be alive for very long after we respawn.

I take it that I will have to watch my back tonight?

Q-Bert's picture

This is why I don't play with you dickheads...

MauriceRevek's picture

Maybe if you offered to clean wind shields for an X-Box on some street corner, you could raise enough funds.

Or, judging from your avatar, you could become a jigolo to some half blind older woman who is looking to spend money on a boy toy.

Stormblade's picture

the fact that you don't have a freaking XBox!!

Stormblade's picture

and we will haunt him the rest of his days ...

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