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Blackwalt: 3, HOC: 0

By Stormblade - Posted on 14 September 2007

Or, How to Throw a Grenade with Friendly Fire Turned On

So last night was a gaming night that probably shouldn't have happened. It started with Blackwalt and Stormblade attempting multiplayer in Overlord.


Then, our intrepid heroes decided to switch to 'Old Faithful' - Rainbow 6 Vegas.

This may have, in hindsight, been a bad decision. The comedy of errors began with our heroes starting a game that Revek joined. Both heroes were actively deriding Revek for being unable to work his headset, providing profanity-laced advice on how to fix the problem.

Upon entering the game, Revek still without communication, we all move about three steps before Coxxorz makes an appearance in the lobby. Cursing, our heroes promptly commit suicide with grenades (see a later paragraph) to allow Coxxorz to participate. Revek apparently doesn't notice the Big Green message on his screen pointing this out and continues to play.

Quite well actually. We are convinced it couldn't be Revek because he is actually killing bad guys with his pistol. Of course, we can't find out because he still hasn't fixed his headset and he is refusing to commit suicide to allow us to start over.

Our heroes attempt to point this out to Coxxorz, who is patiently waiting with them in the lobby until Revek finally decides to kill himself. Coxxorz is not responding. Obviously these incompetents just can't work their headsets. It dawns on one of our heroes (who will remain nameless to preserve what little dignity either of them has left) that perhaps, just maybe, they were still in the private chat they had started when they were playing Overlord and the fault lay with them. Quickly, they disengage from the private chat and proceed to berate Revek for being an idiot who can't work his headset. Hey, dignity needs to be preserved!

Coop (HA!) Mission

So, once the abuse dies down and plans are made, it is decided to begin an HOC Coop mission as opposed to our regular 'kill the bad guys' map hunting. The problems continue. Blackwalt starts the game without adjusting default settings so the seasoned veterans of the HOC force have little difficulty going through the first level. They do, however, take the time to berate and abuse Blackwalt for his oversight.

Before starting the second map, Blackwalt makes adjustments. One of these is to enable Friendly Fire. I am sure you can all tell where I am heading with this ...

We move through the level, we hunt, we kill. We reach the hostages. Somehow, despite the complete breakdown in the assault plan, we manage to save them. Great. Woo hoo!

So we decide there is time for one more level. We even convince Revek to stay (wuss). We open a door out onto a roof and walk out. We are visible, so therefore we crouch.

Most of us.

It is important at this point to realize that Blackwalt has been playing COD3 quite a lot recently. Rough game, lots of crouching. The crouch button in COD3 is the 'c' button.

Which, by some coincidence, is the 'throw grenade' button in R6V.

Friendly Fire has been turned on.

SHIT!, says Blackwalt.

Blackwalt: 3, HOC: 0

There is no 'C' button on the X'Box controller. There is only 'A' 'B' 'X' 'Y'

C was for the {four letter} exclamation we all said when we saw the little green pinable dance at out feet and bloom in a nice cloud of fire and dust.

Not to mention the various body parts that went flying. I wonder if the foot that was found by the Rideau canal was from one of us?

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The 'B' button. You knew what I meant.


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