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Long read about Sept. NPD numbers

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 October 2008

Where Xbox 360 wins on a technicality

If you are bored here is GamaSutra's article NPD: Behind The Numbers, September 2008.

And yes, Mr. Nintendo fan boy, the Wii sold more but the 8.1 attachment rate by the Xbox 360 is the number that the publishers care about owning Nintendo's 5.5 and Sony's 5.3. Do I need to explain attachment rate to you?

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This is a Mighty BOLD statement to be making.

Why would Nintendo itself care about the tie rating. Hardware is the leading profit maker for them. Since they actually make profit on selling their systems.

Let us be frank though, if you actually read the article you would have found your reason, which the author writes about, that: “As a system gets further along in its lifecycle and perhaps hardware sales start to diminish, the tie ratio tends to go up because software sales are the bigger draw." Guess what? Xbox is the oldest system by a year which would mean a main underlying factor as to why these ratings are so far apart.

Disappointing Flame Disappoints.

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And how does a win in the software attachment rate mean that the Xbox 360 wins on a "technicality"? It lost, period. Why else is Microsoft cutting the price like there is no tomorrow?

Also, have a look at this: "Over 91 million units of software have been sold on the Xbox 360, with 27 million units of that software being sold so far in 2008. For the Wii, around 69 million units of software have been sold with just over half of those sales from this year."

The Wii already has about 70million software units sold, to the 90 million for the Xbox 360. But the Wii has been out for far less time, as Noir stated. So why does the Xbox 360 win in the software attachment rate category? Because that's the mentality of the demographic that they target (namely the people like you guys, or "hardcore gamers"). Also keep in mind that for the software attachment rates, it is "as with any average, it is a statement about the aggregate, not the individual." Publishers do care about this statictic, but only slightly. They only really care about their games selling well.

And as a note to everyone else, there are two Nintendo fanboys on here. Pwned.

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You guys put a lot of effort into defending inferior systems.

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5 minutes of reading? Oh boy! tons of time there, WASTED, on trying to educate myself.

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...need something to justify their existence

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The Wii is the top system for entertaining at social events. I don't need to explain what the "social" events are either.

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...I have one and that is all it is for...nothing like having a 'strip tennis' match with hotties.

You on other hand seem to have an orgasm when you mention playing with your wiimotes by yourself. Or does swag play with yours?

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...I am all for brotherly love you are into that kind of thing

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Akuf's picture have heard of incest the Milton Bradley game the whole family can play....

At least you won't have to worry about inbred kids unless one of you is a really ugly chick


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