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Well we all know that this is true

By Noir - Posted on 23 October 2008


Pictures speak louder then words.

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Let's start with MAC
I will compare a Mac with a wholesome girl that you would take home to mom. And perhaps marry.
Only to find out after marriage she really doesn't do a good job of being a wife or anything else for that matter.

PC with Vista
I will compare this with the nagging, clingy bitch who keeps asking stupid questions.
Who is in constant need of attention and a golddigger because you have to keep buying more crap to make her work well. Would never marry her but will use her and abuse her.

PC running Linux.
Would seem to be a stable girlfriend but would take time to 'train' her to my ways.
Once trained she would be put 'in the rotation' and called whenever needed. Though later she may expect more attention from you.

All to say computers are like chicks you can use them (email, internet), abuse them (punching them), tell them what to do (programming) but they will always come back haunt you with nagging questions, complaining, holding off fun.

So, choose one (or if you're like me several) enjoy it (her/them) then drop it (her/them) or upgrade it (her/them) when you feel you are not getting everything out of it (her/them) anymore.

And I know a lot of you (Swag, Noir, Revek perhaps stormblade) will only understand the computer references.

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is also good for catching pesky rodents.

That must be added to the Pros of PCs. :)

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If the picture wasn't completely full of shit.

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Name a good game for the Apple that has been as big as COD, etc.

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Does this one ring a bell?

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I wasn't counting those that are Intel based.

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Aren't they just pretty PCs now that both PC and Macs share the same underlying hardware (ie. Intel boards)?

Stormblade's picture

But most Macs at this point are Intel based. Also, the new Macbooks now have the NVidia chipset and onboard graphics, making them kickass fast, as well as supporting dual external monitors.

Also, they're under $1000.

There is no P(iece of)C(rap) that can compare.

Noir's picture

They can support ... dual (as in TWO) monitors now! Sweet jesus ....... ooooooooh wait, PCs (laptops) have had this capability for god knows how long.

"Also, they're under $1000.

There is no P(iece of)C(rap) that can compare."

You know what you get on a MacBook that is under 1000? Not a whole lot compared to what you can throw in a PC for the same price range. And unless you are a total retard they are just as reliable as a Mac.

Lets face it, with a Mac you are paying for the name, thats it. I hear the text editor "Just Works" though. A nice touch.

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Dual monitor support became standard in Windows'98, but has only been a feature on Macs since the first colour model.... about 1987.

Yeah, it must be the name that's causing people to switch faster than ever.

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You are mistaking Windows to be the same as a PC. PC's can run Linux, etc so you shouldn't mix the two.

I am constantly amazed that Apple and it's minions feel that they have to constantly degrade the PC and or Windows. It seems to me that they have some kind of complex.

Me, I just like to give you guys shit about it because it is fun to watch you and Stormblade get all worked up about it.

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I just do it to get you and Noir worked up! That and to meet Blackwalt's daily 10-post minimum.

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I have both. I use both. I have since they were first released. I am more than happy that the ignorant masses use PCs with Winblows. It ensures the high standard of machine and OS Apple produces because they don't have to support 50 zillion users.

I do my best to enlighten those I feel should see the light, but the rest can wallow in their ignorance. Doesn't bother me.

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I like Linux for everything. Pretty much the sole reason I have Windows installed on my PC is for gaming.

Windows Gaming, Linux everything else. I have just never bothered with a Mac because it doesn't do games. I personally would choose Linux over OSX anyday because of the nitty-gritty of Linux.

That is all.

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That Macs have been capable of running Linux for some time now.

That is all.

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why would I spent twice as much on hardware to run an Open Source operating system? Makes no sense at all from an economical stand point.

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I realize it's pointless debating with someone who is prepared to completely ignore the facts, but if you match up a Mac with the same specs as any name brand PC, you will find the Mac is either on par or cheaper. Then you get Apple quality, which all experts, including the leading PC rags, admit is above and beyond the competition.

Then you can install OSX, Winblows, and Linux, should you so wish to pollute the beauty.

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as depicted in out games section

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