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By Stormblade - Posted on 06 December 2008

Actually, it's really a site for the series that will be, but of course, it ain't yet.

Not much there, but if you register, you can go to the discussion forums to get a copy of the short story I wrote, based on the book. The story, called Ghost Tears, takes place after the book. It will give you a taste for the style of the book, so if you don't like the short story, you probably won't like the book!

Anyway, have a look at

Akuf's picture

...There was something we have in common.

I got loads of black magic books and macabre genre type books

HP Lovecraft
Aleisther Crowley
Anton Lavey

just to name a few

Stormblade's picture

No black magic per se. The main character's name is Preston Black and he owns a store catering to the magical community. Hence, Blacks Magic.

Coxxorz's picture

If it's possessive, it should read "Black's". Or did his Magic make it disappear? Don't make me Revek your book.

Noir's picture

Where is the apostrophe?

If his last name is Black, then it should be Black's.

MauriceRevek's picture

You've opened the flood gates. You've let the djini out of the bottle. Now we are going to get a 5 page reply demonstrating some obscure rule of English, probably very old English, or some variative dialect thereof, where he is right and you are wrong.

The worst part, is we are going to have to read it now.


Stormblade's picture

Think for a moment ... how many web URLs have you seen with apostrophes in them. By necessity, I needed to adjust the name for use on the web.

You will notice the correct usage of apostrophes in the book.

... sigh ...

Coxxorz's picture

If it takes place after the book, won't it ruin the story if I ever intend to read it?

Stormblade's picture

The stories stand on their own, as future books will. You'd know a few things you wouldn't have otherwise, but it won't spoil the story.

At least I don't think so, but what to I know?

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