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More zombie love!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 April 2009

From Valve this time

Left 4 Dead Survival Mode now available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

101 MBs at the cost of free! Yes, free!! None of this Call of Duty World at War $10 for a single zombie map. Valve Software does it right! Free! Free! Free!

Remember that you can use your MSN ID to add it to your Xbox Live queue direct from your browser. You can do that here.

Additional info shamelessly pilfered from left4dead411:

    The free Survival Pack adds the new Survival game mode, where players are given time to dig in before fending off unceasing zombie hordes in an attempt to survive as long as possible. Survival Mode is played on 12 new maps--11 being sections of existing levels and 1 created especially for Survival Mode, Lighthouse.

    The Survival Pack also brings Versus mode to the final two co-op campaigns, Dead Air and Death Toll. This release coincides with the release of Left 4 Dead: Critics Choice Edition, which contains the original game plus the Survival Pack.

And you should download this before tomorrow night for no reason in particular.

Q-Bert's picture

I can safely say that they could have done it better.

While I can appreciate the adrenaline generated by having 10,000 zombies rush at you inside a period of 4 minutes, the Tank showing up pretty much means the end of the level.

The current Left4Dead maps are not conductive to this style of play.

I would have created new maps just for this mode of play, with defendable positions that erode as time passes, forcing you to vacate and move to the next choke-point.

If you are concerned that the players may actually run out of choke points and "win" the level, then make the level circular and send in 2 Tanks at a time after 20 minutes or something.

Having levels that destroy you after 2 minutes of play is just bad for business.

Coxxorz's picture

I enjoyed the openness of the levels, it gives you room to move and evade the zombie horde. If you want choke points, try the Call of Duty: World at War Zombie mode, and you'll see the problem - it's very easy to get backed into a corner.

However the setup period in L4D's offering is pretty pointless, as your best laid plans are quickly mooted by the fact that they can come at you from basically anywhere.

But the funniest part is the ranking system. If the lot of us can't even reach "Bronze Standard" once, there's clearly something wrong with the difficulty settings.

Graybush's picture

we should introduce Q-Bert to a certain TeddyBear and his band of merry Nazi's.

Coxxorz's picture

I don't want any of you last-minute whiners sitting around in our chat room on HoC Night, giving updates on how many hours left until you can join in the fun.

Oh wait– that was me.

Dark Nightowl's picture

Can I whine about the weeks before I can play?

Courtesy of the RROD.

Blackwalt's picture

Since your RROD occurred at least 3 weeks before Aku's your whining privileges have been revoked.

Taking over one month to ship the RROD Xbox 360 back to Microsoft is your delay not Microsoft's.

If you had shipped it out right away you would already have it back.

Massive Fail! Night Owl!

Akuf's picture

The turnaround time for me was 4 days.
Which still amazes me.....

Though it did cause me to forget about futureshop's release sale on Caprica....grrrr....

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