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Xbox from the US

By Ice - Posted on 30 September 2007

Work takes me to the land of the even dollar this week. I'll be spending 5 days in the US. At the same time I'm considering purchasing an XBOX. It looks like the prices maybe up to $50 cheaper then in Canada, which would leave the Halo Edition at around $399.

Does anyone know if there are any concern with Warrenties if I purchase one from the US and tried to have it fixed in Canada. (We know Xbox's never need warrenty work).

Also I know the exceprtion for 5 days will only be $400 Canadian so would likely limit what I could buy without having to pay duty. Does anyone have any experience on when the considers the value of the purchase, since $399 is really close to the $400 personal exemption. I don't want to get caught on some loophole If I return with a $399. and the exchange rate for the day has gone down to. 99 cent.

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That $50 keeps the pimply-faced teen at EB Games in school, and his mom in alcohol.

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The warranty from the store where you purchase it won't be valid, but the 3-rings-of-death exchange warranty from Microsoft will still apply. Still, it's nice to have a full warranty from a local retailer (says the guy who purchased his XBox on Ebay!)

As for the duty limit, you only pay duty on the amount over and above the limit you fall under. So, if your limit is $400 and you buy something for $420, you pay duty on the 20 dollars. They sometimes let it slide depending on the guy at the booth.

Still, I think you would be better off buying it in Canada.

Hope this helps.

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Ok so far the prices have been in the $50 cheaper rate for the Halo edition ($399) but I'm not really sure I want the halo edition. The core system is only $279 I think that's only $20. The premium edition is $349 but that doesn't include any of the games that you generally get with the premium editions bundled.

The Elite is also $50 but that is over my claim ammount to bring back. I haven't ever gone over, but the website said that you paid duty on full ammount if you went over.

I don't think i'm going to get the system.

Whats the R6 Vegas used price in Canada. i wasn't looking but might end up getting a game or two if its cheaper.

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