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Zombie Cover Up?

By Ice - Posted on 11 October 2011

According to the news sources there was an accident on the set of Resident Evil - Retribution. The first responders were of course surprised to see 'a group of actors dressed as zombies'. Resident Evil - Retribution is being filmed in Toronto and starring Milla Jovovich (of course). Read more

Seeing things

By Ice - Posted on 13 March 2008

Ok I need to stop talking the cheap drugs, even though I can get cheap drugs.

I swear every time I come to the site today it looks different.

*takes the medication away from coxxor as well*

Commodore 64 Turns 25

By Ice - Posted on 08 December 2007

I was just reading on CNN that the C64 is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. This was the second computer I ever owned, a huge increase from the Vic20 that I had.

The C64 started me playing video games, I remember taping an entire game of Video golf I played with a friend at University, and playing the 1986 Olympics against what seemed like most of the Dorm floor.

I enjoyed my C64. And I'd like to thank Frank W, who gave me my first Vic20 and C64. He worked for Commodore at the time. I found out that he died earlier this week. He will be missed. Read more


By Ice - Posted on 07 December 2007

Having been to Vegas I will now need to get a game of R6V online. To see how things look in comparison. Vegas had lots of good places to hide. And to spend money of course. But the best sniping was at Hoover Dam.


By Ice - Posted on 03 December 2007

Well it's time to once again dwell in the land of make believe between reality and XBOX360. Where should I venture.

I decided to try out one of the more highly rated games on this site and try Rainbox 6 - Vegas, and where better to get the lines between reality and a video game mixed up. Vegas itself.

So I'm on my way to Vegas, or at least I'm supposed to be. I just checked in and my flight was delayed by an hour because of, well I presume because of Ice or snow.

Ironically I seem to be my own worst enemy. Read more

Its Shipped

By Ice - Posted on 12 November 2007

Apparently my beloved XBox has left Dell decontamination quarters and is on route to my home, only 20 days after I ordered it. I think next time I will order from a company that is used to taking orders over the internet, and not some unknown start up.

Now I just have to wait for it to actually make it to my place.

I also need to know what the game of choice is. and if it's not one of the things in my bundle I may have to wound someone (don't worry my aim isn't very good, it'll just be a flesh wound).

I'm thinking Tuesday night Welcome Ice as cannon fodder party?

Waiting for Dell

By Ice - Posted on 07 November 2007

So I ordered from Dell on Coxxors advice (and to be honest he thought he was helping) the following:

'Xbox 360 Console Bundle with Halo 3, Forza 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and HDMI Cable'

Sounds like everything I need to get right in and start getting killed by evil villans. Well I do need one more thing. Dell to actually have what they sold me. I quote:

'Estimated Ship Date: 11/08/2007
Currently one or more items are not available. Every effort is being made to complete your order.' Read more

New Evil Empire - Best Buy

By Ice - Posted on 22 October 2007

Ok so maybe Evil Empire is overkill, but I am beginning to hate them more then normal. It seems like everyone has a "Must Scam Ice" concept, Best Buy being the most recent.

(facts below you can skip to the end for the rest of the rant) Read more

National Car Rental - Redux

By Ice - Posted on 16 October 2007

OK National Car rental has annoyed me again.

What did they do this time? Well this time the agreed to reverse the credit card payment they had made on the bogus tire changing charge.
Worse yet the lady on other end of the phone was polite and seemed pleasant, I didn't even have to raise my voice.

So why does this piss me off? Well how else can I be an cutting edge blog if I don't have an antagonist. First I had the mad Monkey Breeding scientist, then I thought I had National Car. Read more

What do they mean?

By Ice - Posted on 09 October 2007

If you were to receive a bill for

''replace right rear mismatch tire and return old" for repairs to a Mini Van, what do you think the mechanics meant.

Why am I asking?

Because National Car rental is trying to make me pay $251 for this, and I have no idea what it means. Almost a month after I return the van I get an invoice, which they have already charged to my credit card, for the above repair. So if anyone wants to guess what that means go for it. I may have an answer tomorrow when I call them to tell them I'm not paying for it. Read more

Xbox from the US

By Ice - Posted on 30 September 2007

Work takes me to the land of the even dollar this week. I'll be spending 5 days in the US. At the same time I'm considering purchasing an XBOX. It looks like the prices maybe up to $50 cheaper then in Canada, which would leave the Halo Edition at around $399.

Does anyone know if there are any concern with Warrenties if I purchase one from the US and tried to have it fixed in Canada. (We know Xbox's never need warrenty work). Read more

Could it be our Leader?

By Ice - Posted on 21 September 2007

You may have herd of Linkedin, its a social networking site for professionals. How do I know about this? Well not because Guba sent me an invite. I admit the person she did sent the invite to is much more professional then myself, but I digress.

So after being invited by a friend, I decided to join, and extend my network beyond those of mad scientest and people that read this blog. Read more

Day 8 - Calgary

By Ice - Posted on 05 September 2007

Too tired to be creative...

In Calgary.. There must have been some stories I can tell from the Rockies. But I'll do that later

must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Still Running Day 2 - 6

By Ice - Posted on 02 September 2007

So after breaking free of the Mad Scientists it appeared that I need to get as far away from the scene as I could. With sketchy plans I head out. Read more

Day one - on the run

By Ice - Posted on 27 August 2007

Prior to my escape I had been part of an experiment involving monkey bars and swinging. Apparently my IQ wasn't high enough to warn me not to participate. The results were used by the Mad Scientist to find the correct specimen.

The pain was tolerable but getting worse.... Read more

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