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A deal to remember

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 August 2009

Some bargains you remember more than others

I have always enjoyed gaming. No surprise really.

I have always enjoyed a good bargain. Not as much as Coxxorz perhaps but still.

Sometimes. Sometimes, the two cross paths and I end up with a gaming bargain.

A good gaming experience crossing paths with a good bargain is something I always remember. Strange that you never remember a good deal on a bad game. Well, you don't remember it positively.

    • I remember buying X-Men Legends for $14.99 at ToysRus. A steal for this original Xbox game and an unexpected gaming pleasure. I had bought it when a friend came to visit to fill our afternoon. It also filled the three days afterward. Solidly.

    • I remember Marvel Ultimate Alliance for $9.99 at EBGames. I remember all the times the Clan played it and how it lasted for weeks afterward. It made several noticeable posting on the site. My favourite being Marvel Ultimate Alliance – Monday Night Flighting where our team made the Crimson Dynamo look like a world class hero.
    • Recently finding Dead Space at FutureShop for $9.99. I'd like to remember this better but I expect that nothing will sink in until after I take it out of the shrink wrap. Yes. It's still sealed. But I expect to enjoy it someday.

But all of these experiences pale, pale next to the joy (bliss? triumph?) of landing a AAA title for $10 cash on release day.

Yes, I am talking about Batman Arkham Asylum.



And yes, no surprise really that I have Coxxorz to thank.

He managed to pull off two copies at $7.31 and since I was standing right next to him I took advantage of his good nature. I grabbed it out of his hand and ran when he was looking the other way. That would have been the end of it except it was FutureShop Kanata and he had driven. Not sure if the $10 that changed hands was for the game or for the ride back to work.

In a typical Coxxorz twist he sold the second copy to a co-worker for $15 (the co-worker set the price). Those of you with your socks off just did the math and realized that Coxxorz didn't end up with a copy. True but in his own words:

"It's the getting that's the fun part."

He never wanted the game, he just wanted the deal.

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The $5 uplift he could make off his co-worker.

Sounds like you screwed up half that plan.

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