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New Evil Empire - Best Buy

By Ice - Posted on 22 October 2007

Ok so maybe Evil Empire is overkill, but I am beginning to hate them more then normal. It seems like everyone has a "Must Scam Ice" concept, Best Buy being the most recent.

(facts below you can skip to the end for the rest of the rant)
I was hanging out in Best Buy today, killing time looking for some way to spend money an stumbled upon a DVD Collectors edition of Serenity. I've recently watched all the episodes and really have liked the show. Since I didn't actually pay for any of the regular series I thought it would be only fair to at least pay for the DVD. I want to find out WTF is up with River, and if Mal ever gets past second moon with Anora.

The price on the Shelf of the DVD clearly stated Serenity Collector Edition 19.99. I looked at the package and it was labeled 22.99, so I double and triple checked that I was getting the one on sale.

Now at the checkout she rings it in and it comes up 22.99. I say. I thought that was on sale for 19.99. Expecting some sort of "Ok I'll check"or "That was the other version" I was ready to argue.

(back to rant)
But no, she hits the magic override key, scrolls down and enters $19.99. Sounds good, but clearly either she knew every DVD in the place that was onsale for 19.99 or they never mark down prices in their computer. To get the extra 3 dollars for every schmuck that doesn't check the amount.

I think I may have to agree with QBert on this one, Best Buy may be evil.

PS. Still no credit or letter from National Car rental so they are still on the evil empire top 10.

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All that stored rage, and they don't even let you release it! I hate that. Try kicking your cat like I do.

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