You are hereAmazon slashes price of magazine subscriptions to just $5 US

Amazon slashes price of magazine subscriptions to just $5 US

By Coxxorz - Posted on 01 June 2010

No, that's not a typo. Until June 5th, you can subscribe to one (or all) of the above for a whole year for just FIVE U.S. dollars. There's just one small hitch...

You need to have a U.S. shipping address.

Do not have? Fear not! Your old friend Coxxorz has the solution. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Subscribe on Amazon using a friend's, family's, or any American hotel's mailing address
Step 2: Receive confirmation of the subscription
Step 3: Visit the publisher's website, and change the shipping address of the sub to your Canadian one
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

Now the confirmation may take anywhere from 2 days to even a month, so be prepared to check the Amazon Manage Your Subscriptions page frequently. Even then you might miss out on one issue, but who cares? Five bucks! And you'll feel better knowing Aunt Martha is up to speed on the latest Halo: Reach Beta news. Or that you have mail waiting for you next time you stay at the Waldorf.

So to recap:
- Official Xbox Magazine - 12 issues, comes with monthly DVD, $114 OFF
- PlayStation: The Official Magazine - who cares
- Nintendo Power - who cares
- PC Gamer - 12 issues, includes monthly CD, $102 off

Interested? Better hurry, because the $5 deal ends Saturday.


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You should now be able to change your address on the appropriate publisher's website (step 3) as follows:

Official Xbox Magazine
Playstation Official Magazine
Nintendo Power
PC Gamer

NOTE: If you forgot to order a second time to get the 2nd year for $5, you can still get $5 off (that makes $20, $13, $15, and $15/year respectively) if you order from Amazon by June 30. Just make sure not to change your shipping address until you get confirmation of the second order.

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Do it tonight, after naked beach volleyball, so you don't forget.

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