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"We didn't have these kind of toys in Stalin's Russia"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 September 2010

An amazing new high for two player Der Riese

So Sega Nite was yet again a bust as only Graybush and I showed up. So, basically, just another night.

We played Zombies again. Shocker I know. But we were prepared to quit out when Coxxorz joined.

Up until we passed Level 26 that was. After Level 26 we were finishing the round no matter what.

Turned out to be a non-issue as Coxxorz didn't appear until after we flamed out at Level 30.

That is Level 30: Check out Graybush's kill/headshot ratioThat is Level 30: Check out Graybush's kill/headshot ratio

Yes Level 30! A new high!

Our previous high for three or four Zombie Killers was Level 31, our previous high for two Zombie Killers was Level 28. That was fairly early on in our two player experiment.

Last night, with a plethora of Power Ups we managed to push our record a whole two levels – to Level 30.

For two players that was particularly impressive, particularly late in Level 26 when Graybush had to hold off the horde on his own and still find time to revive me. I was dead so long I thought he was dead as well. Turned out he was just busy.

A late Max Ammo in Level 27 got us through Level 28 and fortunately Level 29 was Hell Hounds.

Having an upgraded Wundewaffe helped us thing the massive hordes, we both had monkey bombs and all our other weapons were upgraded Light Machine Guns.

But it was really the generous and well timed Power Ups that got us that far.

The start of Level 30: a second photo because I know you didn't believe the first oneThe start of Level 30: a second photo because I know you didn't believe the first one

So, back to Coxxorz. Remember him?

Graybush and I were on early and played Zombies just to fill the time. When Coxxorz came in we got ready to switch to Borderlands. In fact, Graybush even swapped discs and loaded it up.

To find Coxxorz in Crackdown 2 and idle. Yes, idle. He had loaded the game and let it time out. Our messages and emails went unanswered.

So what else could we do but play Zombies some more. But to minimize our investment we played Shi No Numa (Zombie Swamp) instead of Der Riese so we could quit out when Coxxorz returned from his idle time.

Our three player team had managed to get as far as Level 19

Level 14: we considered a successLevel 14: we considered a success

So Level 14 with two players was pretty good. Particularly with no plan at all, no upgraded weapons and extreme difficulty in "arranging" floor guys.

And then we checked on the still mute Coxxorz again.

Still idle? What the heck? In Blur. Dammit, he switched games and still went idle. If only he had some way he could have contacted us over Xbox Live. They should really do something about that. Other than charge more that is.

So no Coxxorz and no real Sega Nite. Who cares! A new high for Two Player Der Riese. Let's pay attention to what's really important here – Level 30.

But we would have played with Coxxorz if he had bothered to talk to us. Honest.

For real.

Coxxorz's picture

My only message from you was "Almost done this round".

But thanks for making me leave my Microsoft Space Heater 360 turned on for two hours in the hottest room in my house on the stuffiest night of the year in 1000% humidity while waiting for you to quit playing Zombies. My Star Wars action figures are now permanently melted to their base.

MauriceRevek's picture

Sarcasm in a non-sarcasm authorized thread?

Coxxorz's picture

You're right, wrong thread.

Swag's picture

whoops, wrong thread.

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