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Repeat after me: Level 34

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 September 2010

All new Call of Duty Zombie Mode record – Thirty Four

Our previous record for Call of Duty Zombie Mode with any number of players was Level 31. Reached twice with three players (and again). With two players our high, twice, was Level 30 (and again). I thought we had reached Level 31 as a duo but I couldn't find any proof. So Level 30.

Until last night.

Don't think it started well because it didn't. I died on Level four. Not went down and was revived. Out right died.

I respawned at the start of Level 5 without weapons and made Graybush open two doors ($750 each) to get me to my precious shotgun.

Something of note. Zombies on level 34 are tough. Our "go to" weapons, the upgraded MG42 or Browning, were next to useless as the zombies seemed to walk through the stream of bullets until they were chewing on my arm (my traditional position is up front, the sacrificial Zombie Killer). The only thing keeping us alive was Graybush's upgraded Wunderwuffe.

After taking a significant beating from the zombies and emptying half my ammo I decided it was time for a Monkey Bomb. We needed the breather. I got out the Monkey, wound it up, pulled back my arm for the throw and went down under a pile of zombies.

Without throwing the Monkey. Crap. Graybush was on his own.

To be fair, he did manage to throw his Monkey Bomb. Unfortunately the Zombies jogged his elbow and it landed in the catwalk room – the rave room – right at Graybush's feet.

This was the worst possible landing spot and ended up with a Zombie Mob and Graybush and several Hellhounds fighting to stand in the same square foot. I was somewhere underneath the pile.

Level 34. Still, a new Herd of Cats record for Call of Duty Zombie Mode.

It was well timed power ups that got us from Level 30 to Level 34 although Level 31 was HellHounds. To get past Level 34 I think we need to give up on our Light Machine Guns and concentrate on getting more Ray Guns. I don't think it's possible to get two Wunderwuffes as we never have but that would make the difference.

That or, you know, another player!

Well, another good (Zombie Mode) player.

Level 34: two playersLevel 34: two players

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Does it ever end?

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so long as there are zombies to kill....

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in Activision's annual money-making machine.

I mean why buy the next Call of Duty if you haven't finished this one yet?

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But you're going to need a lot more spare time to get to level 100.


The Battlefield 1 expansion In the Name of the Tsar is available free for three more days. I think I now have two free expansions for a game I don't own. Maybe if I hit all the expansions I will pick up the game itself!


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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