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Time for Homefront!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 20 April 2011

2011-04-20 21:00

Or is it?

Don't bother renting it or buying used, unless you like NagWare. THQ (or is it Valve?) has taken a page from EA's rapebook, and crippled the game. Only buying it new will get you a one-time-use code that unlocks XP progression beyond level 5, and thus most of the game's multiplayer toys. But you can conveniently pay them for a new code! A mere $10 bill tucked in their G-string gets things rolling again.

Because you know their servers are so worth it.

FireChicken's picture

This is starting to look suspiciously like an organized, intelligent and well-reasoned website. Cease and desist immediately, before you all have to undergo rehabilitation.

Swag's picture

How would you feel, as a publisher and developer of a Triple A game that took years to make, if people were buying your game used and those profits were going to stores like Future Fail and Worst Buy?

I wouldn't be happy, that's for sure.

Granted, do these games really need to be priced at 70$ (plus 10-15$ DLC)? Probably not.

MauriceRevek's picture

As a car manufacturer, if people were buying used cars instead of buying new ones.

Granted, games, once produced, are an infinite resource that has virtually no cost in duplication of manufacturing, so it is not exactly the same thing.

Swag's picture

as a car manufacturer, I would want people to buy new ones all the time. You maximize your revenue. That's how a capitalist business works.

I am not saying that I agree with it, but ones goal of running a business is to make the most money as possible.

I am glad that I do not have to buy everything new, like books.

Blackwalt's picture

The used car business helps automotive sales. The used movie business helps the movie business. The used book business helps the book business.

In most cases the used versions are traded in to help buy new versions.

The used games business would also help the games business, as most gamers trade in their old games in order to buy new games, except for one problem. The used games business is essentially a monopoly with one chain dominating the market. And, worse, each quarter they trumpet about the millions (billions?) they make on used game sales. Of course the publishers are annoyed because their primary retail chain prefers to sell used games first. If the publishers could just pull their product they would do that but the same "used chain monopoly" is also their primary seller of new games.

So not being able to "punish" the retail chain, they punish the consumer instead. If you buy used, we will punish you with an additional fee. The fact that this fee is usually the same as the markdown for used games is no coincidence.

If the retail chain in question pushed new games first or if there was serious competition in the used game market the publishers would not be complaining. Well... not as much.

Coxxorz's picture

Why would the retail chain push new games first, if their margin is so small? Selling used games at 200% of what they give for trade-in value makes more sense, and they can do it over and over again.

The publishers could easily remedy this by charging less for new games, but they're not gonna do that, are they? Remember this is the industry that raised prices at the start of the recession.

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Getting Black Ops at EB Games 'used' for 5$ off isn't exactly a deal.

Actually some publishers are challenging that 60$ price point. THQ is releasing a full game, MX vs. ATV Alive, for only 39.99$. And no, it's not a stripped down 60$ game. They want to price it at 40$ (of course they want to monotonize it with DLC, but who doesn't do that?).

Personally I virtually never, or never want to, trade in my games. I only get good ones, or I just suck it up and accept that I make a bad choice. And on the chance that I get a bad one because of some people at HoC, well then I gonna trade in a bitch.

Coxxorz's picture

Name one instance in capitalist society where the manufacturer is entitled to a cut of all future re-sales of their product.

There is no "value added" by this system, just whiny kids intentionally withholding part of the software because they can. It's greed, plain and simple.

Make no mistake, the game industry (and others) are watching the reaction to this. If it passes unopposed, expect to see a lot more sneakiness in the future. Or maybe you'd like to rent a movie from Blockbuster, but have to pay the studio extra for the ending?

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And what is a Blockbuster?

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It's another word for bankrupt.

Coxxorz's picture

In Canadian English, it means "use your gift cards".

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