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MQX Quad Copter - First flights

By Q-Bert - Posted on 07 April 2012

It's not zombies, and it's not legos, but it may pass the geek test.

Swag's picture

Just like in Terminator!

Also, is that your basement? How come it isn't flooded!

Q-Bert's picture

You've lived in my basement long enough to know that wasn't my basement. That's my parents' basement.

But yeah, my basement got flooded again while we were gone.

MauriceRevek's picture

I thought it was his brother Noir?

Swag's picture

out of sight.

Coxxorz's picture

That's just Swag's alter-ego.

Coxxorz's picture

If only there was enough money in the technology budget for a water detector.

Q-Bert's picture

1- Went to check the water detectors at Home Depot: they are a joke. Small plastic box that you put on the floor. If floor is wet you get an alarm, if floor is flooded, you get a $60 dead gadget.

2- Even if I had a water detector, the ring would have had to be really loud to hear it in Sherbrooke...

(But I did get a more reliable sump pump yesterday; I just need to put it in now)

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Poor comics.

Blackwalt's picture

Are you controlling your Quad Copter with an iPad or iPhone?

No. Not even an Android.

Geek level? Fail.

Coxxorz's picture

Didn't even bother calibrating it!

And should always have the foam bumpers on for the first few flights, until you get the hang of the controls.

Q-Bert's picture

The model I purchased doesn't need calibration per see, you just have to adjust the trim levels on the controller. No foam bumpers on this model either, but the blades are very resilient. After 45 minutes of practice, I can hover rather well about 4 feet off the ground, without slamming into the very low ceiling at my parents place.

I wish I could bring it out today at home, but the winds are so bad right now that I have to chase my deck chairs all over the place. I guess I will try to fly it in my basement this evening.

I am already looking for a better controller with smoother controls. Anyone have a 4-channel, DSM2 compatible, controller to lend me ? :-)

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