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Playful — R.I.P. July 6, 2012

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 July 2012

We had suspected that Scout had captured her unknown aliment from Playful. Unfortunately, this proved to be true. With his health declining over the past few months we held out hope that he could fight it off with time and various steroids and antibiotics he had been prescribed. Despite temporary improvements, however, Playful started to deteriorate rapidly this past week. Particularly on Thursday when we ended up rushing him to the emergency veterinary clinic.

There was little improvement overnight despite the clinic's efforts and they ended up putting him on oxygen until we could return the next morning to say goodbye.

Playful was Rolly's cat, picked out by him and named by him. Our favourite memory included him tearing around the house. His favourite route was tearing up the stairs, through the kitchen, up onto the green loveseat, taking the abrupt turn at the end before leaping ten feet through the air, crossing the gap to the top corner of the red wing-back chair and then continuing full speed through the hanging venetian blinds into the bay window. A very loud crash and bang was involved when he crashed through the usually closed vertical blinds.

Many times we would return home to find several of the blind panes ripped loose from their holders and lying haphazard all over the living room floor. His personal best was five at one time.

Ice discovered this habit of Playful's when he happened to be sitting in the red chair. Playful didn't seem to mind but Ice was a little shocked to find a black and white furred projectile flying straight for his head. Sadly, Playful missed Ice completely and, fortunately for Playful, Ice's wild blocking swing also missed. Playful continued through the vertical blinds to the musical accompaniment of Ice's little girly scream.

Thank you for the memories Playful. You were a part of our lives, particularly Rolly's, and you will be missed.

PS- we are having him cremated just to be sure he won't return as one of the walking dead. You can never be too sure.

Ice's picture

The girly scream isn't only when being attacked by furry projectiles.

On a side note i guess we solved the Cat question. Should I try to turn on my Xbox?

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I hardly knew you (I think we met once), but your uncanny resemblance to Half Pint made you OK in my books.


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