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Bioshock's infinite bugs

By Q-Bert - Posted on 01 April 2013

I got Bioshock Infinite last week. Maybe I should have left it at that...

My style of play, if I have one, doesn't lend itself very well to this game. I typically play for a few minutes and then save and go do something else, like mow the lawn (in winter, yeah) or answer the phone because my business partner decided to ask my opinion about the same thing for the third time that day (happens way more than I would like).

It became pretty obvious that I would not be allowed to do this in Bioshock Infinite when I checked the menus on how to save, and found nothing. I had to look it up on the Googles: the only time a save is done is automatically by the game itself, and only at specific points in the story. These points are few and far between. There is no real way to tell the exact spot it did save unless you are really attentive for the "Autosaving[]" message that appears for 2 seconds during gameplay.

OK, fine. Fast-forward to the part where I have to pull a lever to move the containers out of the way so that Elizabeth and myself can take the Sky-line to the next level. I pulled the lever, and saw her pick up her skyhook, and saw the autosave message appear. That was great, as it was pretty much time to hit the sac. I closed the XBox and went to bed.

Start it up again today, and behold: the containers are back to blocking the Sky-line, and the lever cannot be pulled again. Elizabeth doesn't have her skyhook either. I can skip over the containers and hook the track further on and get to the upper levels to continue, but good 'ol Liz is truly stuck down there without her hook. So, I "reset to savepoint". I pop up at the same timeline. Still stuck.

Fine, I can choose a previous "episode" and start from there. Oh wow, Battleship island. Like 2 seconds after I save Elizabeth. That's over an hour of play lost.

From what I can tell from the reviews and forums, the savegame functionality is what most people playing Bioshock are complaining about. Great. A lot of people think that the autosave happened because they see the message appear for 2 seconds, stop the Xbox, only to come back to a corrupted savegame, and they have to restart the episode from the start, just like me. People are leaving their Xbox on 24/7 so as not to lose their timelines.

So, don't buy this game new. Wait for the bargain bin.

Swag's picture

How and when the game saves isn't a bug, it's just the design.

As for the corrupt save game, maybe the autosave message just needs to be a few seconds longer. I am sure that if you just wanted another 5-10 seconds your game would have been fine.

That being said, I agree that it's stupid to have to wait for checkpoints to save your game, especially when the previous Bioshock games allowed you to save anytime.

And if you don't want the game, I'll take it :)

Coxxorz's picture

I had heard about the infrequent checkpoints, but had no idea how easy it was to corrupt the whole game! You'd think they'd have ironed out the bugs by the third iteration of this game.

Oh wait– Saints Row 3...

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