Nerd Burglers: Fortnite Early Access Explained

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 July 2017

Just making sure that Stormblade is properly informed

    We are about a fortnight away from the release of the Fortnite early access and there are a lot of things that seem a little bit unclear about the game. It is being called free to play, yet it costs money to buy. It releases on the 25th, but there is an early access to the early access. Here are some things you need to know about the game.

Read the rest at Nerd Burglars

Only seven more days until Fortnite

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 July 2017

That is, like, less than a week!

Someone make sure that Stormblade knows.

Image discovered via Reddit.

Sega Nite: Zombie Mode supports four players?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 July 2017

How did we not know this

SeanMCR! Stormblade! Graybush! Some other guy!

We played a long game of Verruckt ending up with round 22. Not bad by our standards. Please note that Graybush is dead last in headshots. Despite his laundry list of "reasons" this is not our norm. Please also note that Blackwalt was second. A vaguely close second. This is also not our norm.

The Verruckt game went late so we decided to play only one more game. One last, short game hopefully. So we decided to pick from our least favourite zombie maps. At first we picked Shangri La as it is our worst map but after deciding we might want to go a little longer than two minutes we switched to Shi No Numa.

NEWS FLASH - Blackwalt's old

By Stormblade - Posted on 09 July 2017

Happy Birthday

Go ahead ... light it ...

Fortnite - Launch Cinematic Trailer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 July 2017

Strange things are afoot at the DurrBurger

I was confused at the part where she yelled "Everyone! Get down!" I mean, who does that? We usually just fire directly into the masses whether friendly fire is on or not.

P.S.- still have not pre-ordered or decided on a version

Fortnite: the more you know

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 July 2017

Despite my initial, possibly negative, reaction, Stormblade saying no to Fortnite shows that the HoC system is working

I usually post stuff here about games that interest me in hope of dragging some of you guys along. Particular interest is usually devoted to 4 player coop and, yes, zombies. In the case of Fortnite it was outside of our usual style so I posted as much info as I could find to allow for a properly educated decision. Stormblade said no which, while making me hate him more, is totally the point. Here is the information. You decide if it is right for you. It isn't. Job done. Move on. To Strange Brigade which he damn well better buy!

Me personally, I am still looking at picking it up. At the basic $39.99 standard version. Be aware, the retail, boxed version is the $59.99 deluxe edition scaled up to CDN dollars. The digital versions have the same price in CDN or USD.

For the rest of you still on the fence (which is how I translated Coxxorz's "Meh"), I have posted more info on Fortnite from the official page after the jump:

Sony busted using Xbox One footage

By Blackwalt - Posted on 06 July 2017

Pretty sure I have seen this happen both ways but this time it is Sony getting busted

Anthem is a game I have been watching since it was annouced at E3. This is why I caught this story and, admittedly, couldn't help laughing at it.

PlayStation YouTube hosts Xbox One X Anthem footage with Photoshopped buttons

    PlayStation's YouTube channel has uploaded the in-engine Anthem footage shown at E3 running on Xbox One X - but with poorly-Photoshopped PS4 buttons.

Please note: to no one's surprise the footage has since been removed.

Spotted lots of places but the one I found while posting was on N4G.

HoC Random Poster of the Day - 070517

By Blackwalt - Posted on 05 July 2017

I know this feeling well

Although sometimes People = Stormblade. But only most of the time.

Via 9GAG

Well ... crap.

By Stormblade - Posted on 04 July 2017

After having (finally) played enough SW: Battlefront to have made its purchase worthwhile, I was really looking forward to Battlefront II.

Until today.

Today I found out Battlefront II will be pay-to-win.


Fortnite: YouTube Starter Guide

By Blackwalt - Posted on 03 July 2017

Made by a fan, sponsored by Epic Games

While this is a good video on how to play Fortnite, I found it gave me a much better idea of what the game is about.

I was pointed to this video from several separate users from the Fortnite Sub-Reddit.

I am officially confused by Fortnite's pricing

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 July 2017

Eventually Fortnite will be free to play. Buying it now though...

Update: added links for purchasing. Many text corrections. Added details through comments.

So I followed up my interest in Fortnite by searching for prices. I did know it will be free to play eventually and I also saw on the Official Site that a bunch of different versions were available (screenshot above).

Figuring that the official website prices were in US dollars I popped by to see what my Amazon Prime membership would do for me.

EBGames is celebrating Canada's 150th with $1.50 used games

By Blackwalt - Posted on 01 July 2017

If Coxxorz wasn't too hungover from celebrating Canada Day he might have posted this

An anonymous source reported this with the additional comment, "Decent selection."

In store only. Your mileage may vary.

Fortnite is starting to pique my interest

By Blackwalt - Posted on 01 July 2017

While I was aware of the game it was always on the periphery

Don’t take shelter. Make It.

Listed as an "Action Building Game" is being described as a combination of Borderlands, Minecraft, and Sunset Overdrive. Also... zombies.

Although they call them monsters.

It is four player co-op and will become Free-to-play sometime in 2018. However, it will be selling as a retail game starting this month (July 2017). Standard pricing.

Of course, if someone wanted to send me an Xbox Code I would cover it and let you know if it is worth our trouble. Maybe we can finally wean Coxxorz off of his Ark addiction.
Read more

Xbox Ultimate Games Sale is now on!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 June 2017

Not wanting the Steam Sale to take all the glory, The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is here until July 10th

Lots of stuff available. Look for yourself as I am too lazy find a list.

Sega Nite: just like old times

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 June 2017

With Zombies and everything! Even with Coxxorz on the outside looking in.

Whoot! Round 1! Please note the absence of SeanMCR. More importantly, please note the three way tie for headshots.Whoot! Round 1! Please note the absence of SeanMCR. More importantly, please note the three way tie for headshots.

Last night Stormblade, Graybush, Blackwalt, and, yes, even SeanMCR went back in time to old school zombies thanks to the new Zombie Chronicles DLC remaking all our zombie favourite maps.

Last night we hit Kino Der Toten, Shi No Numa, Origins, and Nacht der Untoten. All achieving our four player highs in these revisions. Yes, despite being out for over two weeks this was the first time four HoC Clan Members had managed to play at the same time.


OMG! The price for Assassin's Creed Unity has now jumped to $4.99 CAD on Cdkeys.


If you are interested in the newly released Middle-Earth: Shadow of War but don't want to jump in at $79.99 You can see where it all started with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Standard Disc Version) for $11.99 at the Microsoft Store.
Now you too can follow the yellow brick road to platform 9¾ while trying to roll a critical hit.


I wish someone looked at me the way you look at your rocket launcher.


To Graybush and his XM-52
(Black Ops 3 Zombies)

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