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Never go one-on-one with a Smoker zombie by yourself

By Noir - Posted on 24 November 2008

So there I was, the might Smoker class zombie following behind the group of Survivors going through the metro-train level of Left 4 Dead PC. I was being aided by 3 of my friend zombies, whom where are in front of the Survivors waiting to ambush these noobs. Now, I was being a bit ballsy, following quite close. The rear guard saw me right when they where going down into the first main section of the level (the toll-both area, about 15% of the way into the level). So I quickly back up, not wanting them all to turn and destroy me. To my delight the rear guard starts to chase me, so I run. Foolish Foolish human. After I lure him a mile away, nearly back to the start point where you start the level by jumping down, I turn around and aim. He comes barreling around the corner, and POW, I grab his FOOL ass with the Smoker tongue and drag him into my clutches! I then proceed in beating the shit out of him for … a good minute, to complete death, because the rest of his team was miles away, oblivious that he was gone, and getting Tanked.
Most thorough kill I have ever made so far (from full health to death, without me getting shot). I made something like 7-800 points just from that one kill. I want back to the rest of the Survivors to finish them off. They never did make it past the toll both. Sorry saps.

Zombies rule.

Swag's picture

someone who kept running ahead when nobody was ready. Hmm...

A Troll's picture

His name refers to bad weather and a sharp pointy weapon of some sorts. Yeah, he does that in Gears of War and COD.

Noir's picture

Where you playing at the LAN party?

Stormblade's picture

it is possible that I could be blamed for this ... occasionally, in this case I don't think it was me. Noir and Swag were playing in a different group.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Noir's picture

Where the gods decided to turn their backs at let us unite. (it was me, you, swag, and Coxxorz for only one round). We solved the problem by just letting you run ahead and dying :)

Regardless, that type of behaviour soon gets corrected with some intense Zombie killing training.

I have actually found, being the Survivors, the best thing to do is just stay in a tight, organized, group. This tends to neutralize both the Smokers and Hunters, because upon sight they die instantly. Boomers are a problem, because you are get puked on. The best strat against puke is to form the MIGHTY Phalanx!

Shotgun for the WIN!

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Hell, he does that in real life.

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