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Heroes: Our Father

By Noir - Posted on 15 December 2008

Well it has been a awhile since we have talked Heroes on this site. So here is the latest review for eps. 12.

Spoilers Alert, of course.

I assume the lack of reviews is because the episodes lately have sucked

This episode just went all to hell. Frankly, this series is NOW at the end of it's rope in my eyes.

Elle is dead, FFS, Hiro better fix this or something. This whole super soldier NONSENSE makes me want to puke, and did they Seriously just say "Intelligent Design" ????? Yes, wise, let's bring a controversial religion term into a TV series. Good idea, idiots.

I love how the soldier's power that he gets is ........ OH, super strength, boooooring.

There is nothing I really liked about this episode at all. Except, ironically, that Sylar has gone back to the bad guy role.

The next episode better not be worse then this one, which would be hard to do, otherwise I am through with this series.

Q-Bert's picture

... because, yeah, they sucked. I actually wanted to through a brick at my TV on the second episode of Eclipse. The most overused plot device in the history of all television is "The Reset". That's where you setup drama during the episode and you find a way to "reset" everything by the end of the episode. Only with Heroes, it happened over the length of 5 episodes.

I also could have done without the self-referential in the comic book store. It's already difficult to accept breaking the fourth wall with the first season and Isaac's paintings, but to have a discussion about the actual breaking of the fourth wall in the comic book shop, made me wonder if Seth was going to turn around and look directly the camera and say "who are you?".

So, basically, we can actually feel the fact that they do not use the same writers for each episode:

"I have to write 5 episodes before yours, so what will your main themes be?"
"No idea, just make sure you reset everything at the end of your script..."

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