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This is what happens when Blackwalt leaves a game of Zombies....

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 24 August 2011

Rage & Rage HD for iphone and ipad, free for one week!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 18 August 2011

This is one of the best games I've bought for my ios devices...and I paid $4.99 for it.

Well, ID software is making it FREE for one week.

I highly recommend you pick it up!

More on MW3

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 18 August 2011

I'm really starting to look forward to the Spec Ops portion of MW3!!

Excerpt from article on Kotaku...

"We're playing Invisible Threat, a cooperative Spec Ops level in November's Modern Warfare 3. Behm explains that the goal of the match is for me to defuse eight bombs hidden throughout the map without getting killed.

I'm down on the street, swathed in a bombsuit that includes a helmet that slightly limits my view. Behm is in his overwatch position armed with a sniper rifle and predator missiles which can be used to scout and pinpoint hidden IEDs." Read more

Blackwalt's new favourite game?

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 August 2011

Just saw a promo for this...Lollipop Chainsaw. Basically, you're a lollipop loving cheerleader who kills 1000's of zombies with a chainsaw.



Welcome Back Black Ops :)

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 August 2011

Finally got my game disc back. Played my first game tonight. This is the result.

Best finish ever ;)

Welcome Back BlackOps ! from Sean McLennan on Vimeo.

MW3.....has it's own tradeshow!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 09 August 2011

While I'm pretty sure this isn't new news to anyone on here, I really am surprised that the MW franchise has grown so large that they have their own trade show now. That's impressive.

Maybe I'm just depressed because I have no Black Ops disc to play with until FedEx delivers it...maybe I'm just suffering from technology withdrawals since losing my iPhone...but man, I want to go to this show!!! Read more

This is Bullsh*************************t!!!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 17 July 2011

Yes, I know there aren't that many i's in that world...but it's pretty much how I say it when I'm playing.


Here is finally a quick vid I threw together to show you guys the crap I get on my side. For whatever it's worth, my internet has been upgraded to EXTREME....whoa, I know. Regardless, it's giving me 2 mbps upload and 16 mbps dl....which is plenty for Black Ops. (those are my tested numbers, not Shaw's promised ones) Read more

new toy has arrived!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 13 July 2011

Well, it's probably not the soundest $150 I've ever spent, but I now have an HDMI HD PVR. So I can record our games and edit out my blunders and magnify Graybush's round 1 downs xD

Once I finally got it up and running, I was having terrible connection issues with XBL. So..that's my first vid.

First Black Ops test - FAIL from Sean McLennan on Vimeo.

Read more

Finally figured out posting vids from BlackOps to YouTube...

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 24 December 2010

Here is the ugliest....I mean really, truly fugly....last kill you'll see in any game!

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